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1992 world Cup

Several months later, on this day The ICC 2023 Cricket World Cup will take place in India on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Reviewing the competition that Pakistan won will be done here.

The most significant victory in 1992 world Cup Pakistan’s cricket history occurred during the month of Ramadan. Let’s take a look back in time and reflect on Pakistan’s development.
The first time colorful uniforms, day/night matches, and brand-new white balls were used in a cricket tournament was in 1992 world Cup. After 31 years of being denied entry owing to apartheid laws, South Africa was invited to participate in its first World Cup. Also playing in their first world cup were Sachin Tendulkar, 18, and Brian Lara, 22.
Injury problems plagued the Pakistani team prior to the competition. Imran Khan’s shoulder ailment limited his ability to bowl, paceman Waqar Younis was out with a back injury, and Javed Miandad suffered back issues. Imran Khan, the team’s captain, Ramiz Raja, Aamir Sohail, Inzamam ul Haq, Javed Miandad, Salim Malik, Ijaz Ahmed, Wasim Akram, Moin Khan, Aaqib Javed, and Mushtaq Ahmed all played on the squad. Their lime green uniform has become recognizable.

Pak 1992 world Cup squad.

Imran Khan(c) Allrounder 39y 140d as of squad list date
Right hand when batting Right arm when bat bowling Fast.

Aaqib Javed Bowler is 19 years old as of the date of the squad roster.
Right hand when batting Right arm when bat bowling speedy medium.

Age of Inzamam-ul-Haq (as of squad list date): 21 years and 356 days
Right hand when batting Batting: Sluggish Left arm Orthodox.

Javed Miandad‘s age as per the squad list date is 34 years and 255 days.
Right hand when batting Legbreak Googly in bat bowling.

Mushtaq Ahmed Bowler is 21 years old as of the date of the squad list.
Right hand when batting Legbreak: Bat Bowling Googly.

Saleem Malik‘s age as of the squad list date is 28 years and 312 days.
Right hand when batting Bat
Right arm when bowling moderately slow, right arm offbreak.

Wasim Haider
Age: 24y 261d as of the squad list date.
Right hand when batting Bat
Right arm when bowling speedy medium.

Batter, Aamer Sohail
Age: 25y 161d as of the squad list date.
Left hand when batting Bat
Basketball: Slow Right arm Orthodox.

Ijaz Ahmed’s age is 23 years and 155 days as of the squad list date.
Right hand when batting Throwing a bat: Left arm Medium.

Iqbal Sikander Allrounder Age: 33 years and 65 days as of the squad list date
Right hand when batting Legbreak: Bat Bowling Googly.
Moin khan
Age of Wicketkeeper Batter (20y 152d as per squad list date)
Right hand when batting Right arm when batting bowling Offbreak.

Bowler Wasim Akram
Age: 25y 264d as of the squad list date.
Left hand when batting Bat
Tennis: Left arm Fast.
Zahid fazal
Lower order Batter Age: 18y 104d as on the squad list date.
Right hand when batting Bat
bowling: Medium right arm, right arm Offbreak. pak 1992 world cup squad

Matches of Pakistan in 1992 world Cup

22.2.1992 Pakistan vs. the West Indies Melbourne, Australia
Pakistan made a poor start and lost by 10 wickets despite Ramiz Raja scoring 102 not out.

27.2.1992 Pakistan versus Zimbabwe in Hobart, Australia
Pakistan easily won by 53 runs. Scored at 114 was Amir Sohail.

the match between Pakistan and England on January 3, 1992, at Adelaide, Australia
Pakistan gave a poor showing, scoring only 74 runs. Thankfully, the game was called off owing to weather, giving Pakistan a precious point.

Pakistan vs. India, 4.3.1992,Melbourne, Australia
India triumphed by 43 runs. 18-year-old Sachin Tendulkar made 54.

South Africa vs. Pakistan on March 8, 1992Britain’s Brisbane
By 21 runs, South Africa triumphed. Due to the rain-affected nature of the game, Pakistan was penalized by the amended target.

Pakistan needed to win all of their remaining games in order to advance with only 3 points after 5 games played. We have nothing to lose, Imran told the crowd at this point. We should go there and struggle like tigers in a corner. It turned out to be a motivating speech.

Australia vs. Pakistan, 11.3.1992Sydney, Australia
Australia was defeated by Pakistan by 48 runs. Amir Sohail received a score of 76 out of 220. On their home field, Australia, the defending champs, were racked up for 172. Aaqib Javed snapped 3/21. Angry exchanges between the pumped-up players dominated the game.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s match on March 15, 1992, took place in Perth, Australia.
By 4 wickets, Pakistan prevailed. Salim Malik, 51, and Javed Miandad, 57.

18 March 1992, Pakistan vs. New Zealand ChristchurchCanterbury, which is Pakistan
New Zealand’s powerful, unbeaten lineup was knocked out for 166. Taking 4/32, Wasim Akram. Ramiz Raja hit 119 without being out. By 7 wickets, Pakistan prevailed.

As luck would have it, Australia’s victory over the West Indies allowed Pakistan to somehow advance to the semifinals. Even after a sluggish beginning and a string of injuries, Pakistan was improving.

1992 pakistan world cup squad

Semi-finals Pakistan vs. New Zealand on March 21, 1992New Zealand’s Auckland

It was a bright yet blustery day. Martin Crowe, the captain, strained his hamstring and was run out for 91 runs off of just 83 balls. Ken Rutherford hit 50 shots. They completed with a high score of 262.

However, Crowe’s injury prevented him from leading his team into the field. In their reply, Pakistan got off to a strong start with 44 from Rameez Raja and Imran Khan and 57 runs from Javed Miandad.

A total of 123 runs were needed in the final 15 overs. Enter 22-year-old Inzamam ul Haq, who initially informed Imran that he couldn’t participate because he was sick and weak at the time.

However, he smashed 60 off 37 balls (7 fours, 1 six) with his powerful, precise strokes performed with great timing. The seasoned Australian analyst Richie Benaud declared Inzamam “is a very dangerous batsman” after a few hits he had little trouble identifying the holes in the field.

In the 1990s, when bats were smaller and thinner than they are today, this scoring rate was really exceptional. In this game, he had cemented his reputation. Pakistan easily advanced to the finals thanks to a clutch 20 off just 11 balls from under pressure Moin Khan.

Pakistan vs. England in the Final on March 25, 1992, in Melbourne, Australia

Imran won the toss and elected to bat first on a clear, sunny day in front of a record-breaking 87 182 spectators. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a tiger imprint.

Australians living nearby supported Pakistan because they wanted to see their bitter rivals, England, lose. There were a large number of Pakistanis present as well.

Many people were shocked to learn that the motivated “Cornered tigers” had advanced to the final. Aamir Sohail and Ramiz Raja, Pakistan’s openers, were dismissed cheaply, leaving the team at 24/2 after a sluggish start.

Imran Khan and Javed Miandad, two composed veterans who had each won five world cups, then joined forces to right the ship. They got off to a sluggish, cautious start since they knew they couldn’t risk losing their wickets. They had only scored 4 runs from 60 balls at one stage. The score was 70/2 after 25 over when Captain Gooch lost a catch from Javed.

The outfield moved quickly. After laying the groundwork, the couple started to pick up speed. They afterwards formed a 139-run partnership. Javed scored 58 off 98 balls (despite experiencing stomach symptoms and needing a runner) and Imran scored 72 off 110 balls. Then came a rapid 42 from Inzamam, a newly discovered talent, and a quick-fire 33 from Wasim Akram off 19 balls. They scored 249/6 to finish.

Pakistan vs England in the Final

When it got dark, England started to play under floodlights. Wasim bowled an outside edge that swiftly resulted in Ian Botham being out for a duck. Aaqib Javed defeated Alec Stewart with an outswinger of 21/2.

Graeme Hick was having trouble identifying Mushtaq’s aggressive mystery leg spin before being fooled by the googly, 59/3. Following an outstanding grab by Aaqib in the outfield, he also got Gooch out.

Wasim next bowled two consecutive unplayable pitches from close to the wicket. In order to hit Alan Lamb’s off stump for 31, the initial swing came late off the field and straightened up. For a golden duck, 141/6, the second was a nasty swinger to get rid of Chris Lewis.

Wasim’s two most significant career wickets are those two because they changed the outcome of the game. Neil Fair’s brother, who was limping, earned a commendable 62. Wasim’s final three lines were 3/49, 3/41 and 2/27 for Mushtaq.

Later that evening, at 10.18 p.m., Richard Illingworth was caught by Ramiz off Imran’s bowling to secure Pakistan’s maiden world cup by a score of 22 runs. England was out for 227. Wasim Akram was named man of the match and took the most wickets in the tournament. With 437 runs, Javed Miandad finished second in the competition. Pakistan’s finest-ever team has made history. This marked the beginning of Pakistan’s ‘golden’ era of cricket.
We wish Pakistan’s cricket team the best of luck in next month’s Cricket World Cup.

How did Pakistan won 1992 World Cup?

From February 22 to March 25, 1992, it was held in Australia and New Zealand. Pakistan emerged as the inaugural World Cup champions, defeating England in the final by a margin of 22 runs.

What was Pakistan’s World Cup 1992 lowest score?

The famous Sydney Cricket Ground hosted Pakistan’s lowest-ever score of 173 in 48.1 overs against India on March 4, 1992. After that, on June 8, 1999, at Manchester’s Old Trafford, India knocked Pakistan out for 180 in 45.3 overs.

What was Imran Khan’s World Cup scoring total in 1992?


Who won the 1992 moment as the player?

Martin Crowe

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