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Best horror movies on Netflix

If you’re easily scared you better not watch these Best horror movies on Netflix

The platform 

be careful with this best horror movie the platform is very scary and shocking. The platform from 2019 tells the story of goring a man locked in a tower-like prison where a single platform descends level by level with food.

for everyone as you can imagine the selfishness of the prisoners means that the food doesn’t reach the lower level so many people go crazy and are willing to do anything to eat disturbing is not but sometimes you might not expect that the platform was initially written to be a play and the director Glader gas talu urutia took two years to adopt it for this Netflix original movie best horror.


get ready to feel true fear best horror movies on Netflix. The movie’s insidious plot is very serious. 2010 revolves around a boy who unexpectedly goes into a  coma and his family starts having encounters with extremely evil paranormal beings. This movie was directed by James Wan, the same director as the conjuring.

The Perfection 

 The perfection is you have a weak stomach I strongly advise you not to watch this best horror movie is so scary. The film was released in 2018 and hundreds of viewers commented on social media that the movie made them sick and vomit. After all, it has some pretty disturbing scenes revolving around Charlotte.

A young cellist who travels to Shanghai to study at an academy for elite musicians however everything starts to go south when the character shows their true intentions. The scenes would seem totally random if it were not for past events that are being revealed through flashbacks and give some scenes to all this madness.

A series of unfortunate occurrences that guarantee conflict.

The Fear Street trilogy.

The fear street trilogy here I’ll tell you about the complete trilogy of the fear street.

The movies from 2021 tell the story of the cursed town of Shadyside during 1994 ‘1978 and 1666 where every so often the settler turns into mentally ill killers under the influence of a witch based on the books of teens.

Crimson Pe

Crimson Peak this gothic masterpiece was directed by none other than the groundbreaking guillermo crimson peak from 2015 tells the story of Edith Cushing a young writer who marries thomas sharpe played by Tom Loki Hiddleston however when she moves in with she discovers that there are many ghosts in her house and even worse her new husband and his sister Haida macabre passed from her Guillermo such a perfectionist with crimson also the big house where everything takes place did not exist before filming.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Since I mentioned Stephen King in the previous position it’s time to talk about 2017’s Gerald’s Game based on the novel of the same name that King published in 1992. This movie tells the story of Jesse who was handcuffed to a bed during a sex game after her husband died of a heart attack. Now she must struggle to survive because she’s in a cabin with no people on all sides.

His House

His House 2020’s his house a perfect 100 rating mind you much more than the best horror movies on Netflix.

The plot revolves around real and bull a couple of refugees from the war in South Sudan who have arrived in England now while proving to the  English authority that they can adopt their must deal with a paranormal presence that hunts them with a totally justified reason this film explores too many social edges for starters racism as the protagonists are discriminated.

Moreover, the movie release coincided with the year.


IT FOLLOWS This movie is simply sensational and scary from 2014 you sleep with someone boom that ghostly entity will now follow you this premise shook every person up so much that even mythological Director Quentin Tarantino.

The mist 

The mist before we meet is the best horror movie on Netflix it’s worth checking out these blockbusters cargo a father searches for someone to entrust his baby to as he’s been bitten by a zombie let me in a boy witness his town being ravaged by killer vampires the mist based on a book by stephen king a mysterious mist covers a town and plagues it with murderous monsters.

Ready to meet one of the most disturbing movies in all of Netflix here?


Raw did you know that this best horror movie had a person pass out at the Toronto movie art festival and leading that’s because 2016 Raw has, especially appalling scary, and many disturbing horror scenes. The plot tells the story of Justine a  vegetarian college student who’s forced to eat meat in hazing after that she goes crazy to continue eating meat which also happens to her sister who also takes part in the same institutes This will free totally gory and insane scenes that won’t let you rest.

So now it’s time to hit Netflix and tell me which of these movies you will watch first in the comment section.


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