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Biggest plane crashes in Pakistan

In today’s history, on 22 May 2020, a PIA plane crashed. 

Airbase A320 crashed model colony from a residential area and the failure of both engines 97 people were kill in the plane crash,

the number of crew members was 8 and the number of injured on the ground was 7.

The highest number of plane crashes which country.

the USA is in first country 1578 plane crashes from 1990 to 2023.

USA is on the top in plane crashes and Russia is on the 2nd place 464 plane crashes 

3rd is Canada 369 plane crashes.

Biggest plane crashes in Pakistan

Happened on July 28, 2010.  The number of passengers was 146.

And 6 crew members it was an AirBus A321-231 jet airline Air Blue the most horrible plane crash in the history of Pakistan in Margalla hills near Islamabad. 

History of Pakistan’s PIA Airlines plane crashes.

Let’s take a look at the plane crash in Pakistan from 1965 to 2023.

In 1965 PIA flight pk 705 Boeing Airline crashed on May 20 1965 in which 121 passengers and crew members died.

1966 pia Flight PK17 on feb 2nd 1966 crashes near Faridpur. 

it was coming from Dhaka to Farid pur 20 people killed ۔

1979 – Pia flight PK 740 -Boeing 707 crashed on (Nov 26 1979) – 156 people killed ۔

1989 – PIA Flight PK 404 ( August 25, 1989)  flight took off from the northern city of Gilgit and was on its way to Islamabad۔all people are killed ۔

​​1992 – PIA Flight PK 268 (28 sep 1992) This flight crashed near Kathmandu 167 people died.

2006 – PIA Flight PK 688:  Fokker F27 from Multan to Lahore Crashed on 10 July 2006 with 41 passengers and 4 crew members on board.

2016 – PIA flight PK-661   A Fokker F27 

was on its way from Islamabad to chitral with 48 passengers on board when it crashed on 7 Dec 2016. 

2020 – PIA flight PK 8303  22 May 2020  

Airbus A320 with 91 passengers which was from Lahore to Karachi which we have mentioned in this blog from the start.

97 people were martyred.


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