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Car Sales for Exceed 2022/2023

Car Sales for Exceed 2022/2023 Sales prices experienced a shocking surge in 2023, leading to significantly low sales figures and prompting many of the world’s auto giants to cease production – unique rings, fidget rings only compounding difficulties within the automotive industry further.Statement Rings

Here we take a closer look at how Toyota, Suzuki and Honda performed during 2023 Car Sales. These figures come from Pakistan Automotive anxiety ring Manufacturers Association data released throughout this for sale in lahore. ring box. Statement Rings


Honda saw sales drop dramatically to 9,760 units from 28,928 in 2022 – a decrease of 66.66%! Last year alone they sold 7,068 Honda City and Civic models – representing a 72.28% decline from 25502 units sold during 2022,used cars for sale in pakistan, car for sale in lahore.unique rings .Statement Rings anxiety ring

Car Sales for Exceed 2022/2023 Sales Honda BRV and HRV sales also saw a 21.42% decrease, from 3,426 in 2022 to 2,692 in 2023.

Honda City & Civic25,5027,068-72.28%
Honda BRV & HRV3,4262,692-21.42%

Suzuki Sales

Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s (car for sale in lahore ) sales experienced a sharp 69.24% decrease from 2022-2023; from 114,605 units sold during that year to just 35,253 sales this year. Car Sales Here are sales figures for each model sold during that time,used cars for sale in pakistan.unique rings.Statement Rings.

Suzuki Alto59,52619,071-67.96%
Suzuki Cultus12,7393,424-73.12%
Suzuki Wagon R14,3993,085-78.57%
Suzuki Swift11,4014,054-64.44%
Suzuki Bolan8,0922,864-64.61%
Suzuki Ravi8,4482,755-67.39%

Toyota Car Sales

Toyota was slightly outshone by Honda and Suzuki in sales; however, this doesn’t indicate they weren’t affected by challenges within the automotive industry as a whole.unique rings .ring box .anxiety ring. fidget rings

Toyota Corolla & Yaris37,58811,498-69.41%
Toyota Fortuner & Hilux14,3577,822-45.52%
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Toyota sales in 2023 fell by 62.81% compared to 2022, selling only 19,320 units over January through November. urgent sale car in karachi car for sale in lahore ,Corolla and Yaris sales decreased by an astounding 62.81%, while Fortuner and Hilux sales decreased 45.52% and totaled 7,822. fidget rings

Car ModelSept’23Oct’23Difference
Suzuki Alto2,5512,6022.00%
Suzuki Cultus332328-1.00%
Suzuki Wagon R359197-45.00%
Suzuki Bolan229143-38.00%
Suzuki Ravi257225-12.00%
Suzuki Swift506315-38.00%
Toyota Corolla & Yaris1,050796-24.00%
Toyota Fortuner & Hilux545251-54.00%
Honda Civic & City1,162379-67.00%
Honda BR-V18280-56.00%
Hyundai Tucson420136-68.00%
Hyundai Sonata9752-46.00%
Hyundai Elantra12638-70.00%
Hyundai Porter177151-15.00%

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