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Dagshai haunted story

Dagshai haunted story , dagshai located 11 kilometers west of Solan and over 5,600 metres above sea level, is not your average tourist village located in Himachal Pradesh. Boasting an interesting history spanning more than 500 years and being said to be haunted, Dagshai was originally known by Mughals as Daag-e-Shahi which translated to “a royal stain.” Over time this name evolved into Dagshahi before British rule transformed it into an army cantonment.

So, how did Dagshai become known as a haunted town? Considering its beautiful surroundings of greenery and mountains, it would seem hard to categorize Dagshai as haunted. Yet just like any haunted location has its own peculiar history and background – this haunted place too has an extraordinary past!

Dagshai Cemetery.

Dagshai Cemetery consists of an army cantonment, some military buildings, schools and local homes as well as its cemetery – an area which has attracted significant media coverage both positive and negative. Of all the locations within kumarhatti dagshai, however, its cemetery stands out for attracting both good press coverage as well as negative. It is believed that this cemetery dates back to British India. kumarhatti dagshai Major George Weston lived here along with his wife; while he practiced medicine he worked as a nursing assistant.

After George and Mary had been childless for an extended period, they met a traveling saint who bestowed blessings in the form of an amulet that George received as an amulet from him. Soon thereafter, Mary became pregnant. George built an exquisite grave for both of them using marble from England – shipped directly from there for construction of their resting places.

As time passed, rumor spread

of Mary’s grave being capable of bestowing boons on those visiting it. Some believed if pregnant ladies cut a piece of marble from Mary’s tomb while expecting, she would give birth to a boy instead of giving birth to another female child; many therefore began visiting Mary’s grave to steal one piece to avoid giving birth to female babies – nearly destroying its beautiful marble structure built to remember one loving wife!

Many have reported seeing Mary’s ghost wandering around her grave at cemeteries. Perhaps her spirit intervenes to defend it and deter visitors, perhaps acting to keep unwanted visitors away. Who knows?

Dagshai haunted story

Dagshai Hills Station’s notoriety as an area inhabited by ghosts extends far beyond just the cemetery; moreover, many consider Dagshai Jail of 1849 haunted.Dagshai jail due to its bloody past and reported incidents inside it, people have often considered this jail among India’s most haunted sites – it saw killings, torture, and has even been turned into a museum since. Though its status as haunted remains uncertain; one thing’s for certain; neither cemetery or jail can tell whether they possess ghostly spirits.

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