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Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Gazi:The Ottoman Empire’s founder


Ertugrul Gazi:The Ottoman Empire’s founder an iconic figure in Turkish history, stands as the guiding figure of Ottoman rule and is remembered fondly by millions worldwide for being its founding founder. This story of Ertugrul’s life and legacy can be found within popular historical television series such as Dirilis: Ertugrul”.

Early Life and History.

Ertugrul Gazi:The Ottoman Empire’s founder , was born around 1191 in Ahlat, located in eastern Anatolia. His father Suleyman Shah led the Kayi tribe – one of many factions within the Seljuk Empire. Ertugrul’s upbringing amidst political upheaval and shifting alliances would shape his destiny as an instrumental figure in forging new empires.

Kayi Tribe and Migration.

Ertugrul’s leadership skills and strategic acumen became apparent as he successfully navigated challenges to ensure survival and prosperity for his people during this migration period. He took immense pride in leading them, but there were no guarantees for their survival or prosperity; eventually they would form the Ottoman Empire.

Leadership of Ertugrul

Ertugrul quickly demonstrated his leadership abilities when leading the Kayi tribe through various trials. His unwavering commitment to justice, sound decision-making abilities and prowess in warfare earned him both respect and loyalty from his followers.

Alliance with Seljuk Sultanate:

Ertugrul’s strategic alliances were vital in shaping the fate of the Kayi tribe. His collaboration with Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat allowed for mutual advantage that laid the groundwork for future Ottoman state expansion.

Battles and Victories:

Ertugrul Gazi’s military prowess was showcased through various engagements against external foes. His tactical victories against great odds not only ensured the safety of his tribe but also cemented their legacy through history.

Ertugrul’s Notable Battles:

Inab: Ertugrul displayed outstanding courage during this fight, outwitting more powerful adversaries and earning him widespread admiration and respect from his allies.
Ertugrul’s leadership during this siege at Karacahisar showcased his outstanding tactical abilities, setting in motion further victories for him and his empire.

Ottoman Empire Legacy and Foundation

Ertugrul Gazi’s death in 1281 marked an end to an era, yet his legacy endured. Osman Gazi took up his father’s vision and eventually founded the Ottoman Empire in 1299 on Ertugrul’s principles of justice, valor, and leadership that would serve to expand and dominate Ottoman statehood for centuries to come.

Ertugrul’s Impact in Cultural Aspects

Ertugrul Gazi’s cultural influence extends far beyond historical narration. The television series “Dirilis: Ertugrul” has reached global audiences with his story, and helped increase appreciation of Turkey’s rich cultural history.


Ertugrul Gazi’s life epitomizes resilience, leadership, and determination. From his struggles during migration of his Kayi tribe to strategic alliances that helped forge his people’s destiny – Ertugrul’s legacy remains captivating and inspiring today – testaments to both his role in founding of Ottoman Empire as well as cultural resonance through contemporary media that showcases this incredible figure’s profound mark in Turkish history and beyond.

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