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Ghost London stories

Ghost stories London can be easily found – it is no secret that London boasts numerous haunted spots

Ghostly tube stations and cannibal prisoner hunts by black dogs as well as ghost hitchhikers can make for some terrifying tales that will give anyone goosebumps. There are countless creepy London Ghost Stories out there that are sure to give pause for thought – guaranteed!

Are you feeling courageous? Join me as we investigate London’s ghost tales!

Nobody really knows who he was, but legend holds that he was a handyman working in the aquarium room of the early 20th century and, yes, that meant whistling as he worked,ghosts on the underground documentary.henry viii’s wives non-unit fractions of amounts.

Most Terrifying Horror Stories About London

Current workers at the aquarium have reported hearing cheerful whistling or footsteps as well as feeling an odd draft when working alone there – leading some volunteers to decide against volunteering there on their own, which we certainly understand!

We don’t blame them,ghosts on the underground documentary.

At first glance, this ghost doesn’t appear too sinister.he seems to be just doing his job by overseeing an aquarium like he used to 100 years ago.

London Ghost Stories, as one of the oldest cities on Earth, can provide us with an astounding glimpse into its past – to imagine all those who have lived, loved and died within its boundaries are truly astounding,ghosts on the underground documentary.

Your emotions may make it more difficult for you to imagine those who remained after death.

Ghosts that reside in the attics and basements of London’s ancient buildings follow us down its empty streets, keeping watch over us,ghosts on the underground documentary, henry viii’s wives transmission gallery glasgow 1998.

Here are 10 compelling arguments against sleeping tonight.

1. The Victorian Lovers

Be wary when exploring the Greenwich foot tunnel late at night – many have reported encountering an apparition of two Victorian lovers walking arm in arm towards them before disappearing into thin air.

Some speculate they could be young lovers who perished while trying to cross the river before the tunnel was complete, now roaming freely through its passage and appreciative of a safe way across, a covent garden piazza ghost.

2. Jack the Ripper at Ten Bells

The Ten Bells in Spitalfields is intimately associated with Jack the Ripper legend. Annie Chapman may have had one last drink here before she was murdered here while Mary Kelly, another victim, was later found butchered nearby.

Pub residents were frequently disturbed in the middle of the night by an old man dressed in Victorian clothing who appeared near them and would appear just when they awoke, only for them to scream out in fear and have him vanish when they cried out loud.

He is the London Ghost Stories of George Roberts, a previous landlord who was fatally murdered with an axe during the early 1900s.

3. The Murdered Brother

It would be strange not to find ghosts lurking within the historic Spaniards Inn in Hampstead –

and not only because Dick Turpin, an infamous highwayman himself, frequents it regularly – but this pub also hosts other ghostly regulars as well. It even hosts some regular haunts who make appearances regularly too!

Francesco and Juan Porero converted this pub into a pub for themselves when they tragically fell in love with the same woman.

Outraged, they fought a duel over her which resulted in one brother, Juan’s death which was later interred in their garden and is said to still haunt it today.

4. The Ghost of Handel’s House 

While renovating composer Handel’s Mayfair home for museum opening in 2001, staff frequently saw a ghostly woman appear before them and startle them by appearing out of nowhere!

She would sometimes make an unnervingly large footprint before running away before appearing again later to scare off staff members!

Managers eventually called in exorcists as a solution after fearing the ghost would disrupt business operations. Jimi Hendrix lived nearby during this period and reported seeing this ghost himself.

5. Henry VIII’s Wives

In London it’s almost impossible not to come into contact with one of Henry VIII’s wives whose ghosts haunt the streets.

Hampton Court Palace hosts the Haunted Gallery named for Catherine Howard whose ghost has been seen floating through it and turning back around and screaming before disappearing through a doorway,henry viii’s wives transmission gallery glasgow 1998.

Jane Seymour, one of Henry’s wives, can often be seen walking through Clock Court with a lit torch in her hands.

At London’s Tower, Anne Boleyn can still be seen walking corridors terrifying tourists after she was executed on Henry VIII’s orders. Her headless ghost has even been reported roaming corridors of this landmark building!

6. Screams in the Dark

Bethnal Green station witnessed one of the single greatest civilian losses during World War Two. As people sought shelter underground during an air raid, 170 lives were lost when an air raid forced people through an entrance that became blocked; as they ran back out again for safety they became crushed inside and died from injuries sustained from being in a stampede at that entrance.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be alone in the station, if you hear any sounds coming from within it you might hear the screams of those who died combined with children sobbing in the dark; these noises rise into cacophony before dissipating as quickly as they appeared, henry viii’s wives worksheet ks2.

7. The Old Woman 

Visitors of High gate Cemetery should be wary when walking alone as

several individuals have reported witnessing a ghost of an old woman running between gravestones with her long grey locks fluttering behind.reproduction miniature portraits of henry viii’s wives.

8. New gate Prison’s Black Dog of New gate

This creature was once an inmate at New gate prison and starving to death alongside his fellow inmates as London experienced a terrible famine. To feed themselves, his fellow prisoners murdered and feasted upon his body as sustenance for continued existence.

Following his murder, other prisoners noticed a monstrous black dog prowling the jail corridors and driving prisoners mad one by one – fulfilling this man’s wish for revenge.

On misty nights, this dog can still be seen roaming the streets near Old Bailey.

New gate Prison was an old prison that stood on the corners of New gate Street and Old Bailey Street inside London City walls, just inside its original walls. New gate Prison’s most terrifying ghost story involves The Black Dog of New gate.

From 1188 until 1902, this prison held some of Britain’s toughest inmates – although today The Old Bailey occupies its original site instead.

The Black Dog of New gate began

as an urban legend in 1596 when prison inmate Luke Hutton is believed to have created the tale. Although, like with any folktale character, no one knows whether it is pure imagination or something much stranger!

Hutton recounted an incident from King Henry III’s reign during which one scholar was sent to New gate Prison after it was believed he used devilish witchcraft against his people and used sorcery against their King.

At that time, famine conditions were so dire that prisoners may have turned to cannibalism as a means to maintain strength.

Soon after the man arrived in prison, his inmates consumed him as soon as they could. Consuming humans can be toxic for your health; over time they began acting insane and reports began coming in of seeing a black dog guarding their cells.

After the prisoners had feasted upon each other’s weaker links and were down to just a handful, they planned an escape in order to avoid being devoured by one another.

According to legend, the black dog tracked down and devoured every escaped convict until all were consumed by it.

9.The Haunted Stables Market

Camden Market has long been a tourist mecca in London. However, going back 200 years or so shows how drastically different it looked then.

Victorian market area residents witnessed first-hand how stables, horse tunnels and even an animal hospital shaped this region’s future.

At any given time, there were approximately 800 horses and hundreds of people packed into these spaces –

but without proper health and safety precautions in place, many workers died as a result of being crushed or run over by machinery. Furthermore, it appears that their treatment wasn’t much better either!

Today the area is bustling with market traders and stable markets have largely been left in their original states;

thus many people have reported hearing hooves clattering, horses neighing, and men screaming their agonies first thing in the morning,covent garden piazza ghost.

10.Ghosts on The Underground

Camden Market has long been an iconic tourist attraction in London, but just 200 years ago its appearance was quite different from henry viii’s wives transmission gallery glasgow ,henry viii’s wives non-unit fractions of amounts.

Did you know London is home to many abandoned tube stations?

These spots, often known as ghost stations, can be unsettling; even working underground stations like London are known for strange happenings that remain unexplainable.

11.Covent Garden Ghost

Covent Garden Tube covent garden piazza ghost has long been famed for sightings of a tall figure wearing a hat and cloak who appears at night, wandering aimlessly through its halls.

Thought to be murdered actor William Terriss, who frequently frequented a bakery that used to reside on station covent garden piazza ghost.

Many tube workers have found William to be so disconcerting that they have asked to move to less haunted stations; though no one understands why William wanders so aimlessly through the corridors (perhaps he wants a bagel?).

12.A Haunted Zoo

London Zoo appears to be full of animals for you to admire; however, one visitor stands out amongst them all as making themselves at home within its walls.

The Whistler is the popular moniker given to a ghost that is said to haunt the aquarium area.

Nobody really knows who he was, but legend holds that he was a handyman working in the aquarium room of the early 20th century and, yes, that meant whistling as he worked.

Current workers at the aquarium have reported hearing cheerful whistling

or footsteps as well as feeling an odd draft when working alone there – leading some volunteers to decide against volunteering there on their own, which we certainly understand! We don’t blame them.

At first glance, this ghost doesn’t appear too sinister; he seems to be just doing his job by overseeing an aquarium like he used to 100 years ago.

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