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Haunted place in Karachi

One thing is certain haunted place in Karachi locations exist everywhere in Karachi and have long been thought of as haunted. Below are five of Karachi’s most haunted spots which you should avoid visiting.

1. Karsaz Road’s Bride.

Myth has it that on their wedding night in the 1970s, a young couple were traveling along Dalmia Road between Karsaz haunted road and Gulistan-e-Johar on Dalmia Road for their return journey home on Dalmia Road.

Newlywed spouses were fatigued after driving long hours before they died in a tragic car accident, however numerous witnesses have reported seeing the bride.

People can sometimes spot her dressed in red clothing standing alongside the road late at night lingering nearby or approaching random passerby who stop on its side in search of rest, likely hoping to relive some final memories with her new husband.

haunted road

The Karsaz Churail story sparked much rumor and discussion of its vicinity on social media, prompting numerous claims of ghost sightings in Karsaz and surrounding areas.
One of the most well-known sightings is of a child hanging from windows of uninhabited houses.

But the real attraction on Karsaz road will always remain its famous ghost story haunted place in Karachi : that of Karsaz Churail Bride haunted place in Karachi.

2. Chowkandi , Haunted graveyards.

Chowkandi graveyard can be found off Karachi’s National Highway and dates back approximately 600 years, making it one of the oldest cemeteries in Pakistan.

Chaukhandi Tombs can be found in Sindh province, Pakistan – 29 kilometers east of Karachi near Landhi Town. Renowned for their exquisite stone carving, these tombs belong to a Muslim tribe who lived here between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sindh province’s architectural style is distinct in the Islamic world.

Many elements can be traced back to Jokhio, also known as Jokhio Tribe’s family graveyard where some Baluch members are also interred, which was established between 15th and 18th century.

This type of graveyard is particularly distinctive to Sindh and Baluchistan since it faces from south to north. Constructed with buff sandstone burials showcasing exquisite carving skills, these tombs may stand alone or be built as groups up to eight burials raised on one common platform.

Graveyards should always be avoided at nighttime but this one can be particularly terrifying.
Karachi residents should avoid the graveyard after sunset as nighttime noises haunted graveyard have been reported by nearby residents and dark magic vessels can often be found here haunted place in Karachi.

3. Mohatta Palace.

Mohatta ghost Palace can be found in Karachi. Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta of Marwar built it as his summer home back in 1927.

Ahmed Hussein Agha was selected as one of the pioneering Indian museum architects. To construct this palace.

Haunted Place in Pakistan is without doubt one of the most captivating and captivating spots in Pakistan.

This mysterious haunted palace is surrounded by stunning scenery and historic landmarks that serve as reminders of its longstanding mysteries. Here you can witness first-hand why so many have spoken of its magic for generations upon generations.

Haunted palace

There are numerous romantic tales surrounding the construction of Mohatta Palace, much like those associated with Taj Mahal (one of seven wonders).

Shah Jahan constructed the Taj Mahal as an expression of his affection and love for his wife, Jahanara Begum.

Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta constructed his Mohatta haunted palace to prevent his wife from dying; Shah Jahan, on the other hand, built Taj Mahal after she had already passed.

In 1927, one of the most successful businessmen from the Marwari tribe was given instructions to construct an extravagant seaside residence at Clifton in Clifton.

Mohatta Palace has an impressive history.

Let me show you what the interior looks like.

When entering this palace, the first thing you’ll likely notice are its brightly-colored windows and archways, minarets, and stone walls; all classic examples of great architecture.

Pakistan is full of historical landmarks and stories, while haunted spots across its terrain hold special allure for visitors.

Mohatta haunted palace in Karachi is said to be haunted by ghosts that produce strange noises that can be heard throughout its grand rooms.

Not to mention the rooms on the first floor, which make you feel like royalty and make it an absolute joy to be there.

The second floor is no less charming, yet the rooms are so expansive it would be difficult for just one person to live there at any one time.

People witnessed strange happenings while this palace was being prepared for shows and prepared for display.

People who worked late night were among those. Both employees and visitors reported seeing and hearing strange occurrences at this location.

Workers would often complain of lights moving about when no one was present at the castle.

Mohatta haunted palace has long been described as being haunted, where ghosts from its days as part of British Raj can sometimes be seen.

4. Shireen Cinema.

Shireen Cinema in Karachi’s northwestern outskirts has been closed to the public for nearly one year, and many ghostly activity and frightening experiences were reported by its workers.

Empty seats would make sounds as though someone were sitting and conversing while shadowy figures of people would appear on screens even though halls were empty – according to legend, Shireen is home to numerous jinn.

When ghosts get bored, they start hunting people. We should provide entertainment options for them just like we do for humans and animals alike – something which many ghosts seem to care about, which is why they have set aside places for them to have fun in.
One such site was Shireen Cinema, where staff was afraid to visit as ghosts held parties there.

Although this theater no longer stands, it was widely recognized as one of Pakistan’s most haunted places with voices heard singing through its hall and ghostly figures seen partying there as well as at Curtin College where parties were also being hosted there.
Workers had witnessed ghostly figures walking in movies, hearing footsteps in the background noise.

At one point during one movie, a tile fell on someone’s head while ghosts continued throwing stones at the staff as usual. Additionally, an electric fan unexpectedly collapsed despite its strong joints; all these events led to closing off the theater for public attendance.

5. Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut.

People claim this hut in Hawk’s Bay has never been rented out, and if someone was foolish enough to rent it they probably won’t survive the night there.

Jinnat holds wedding ceremonies during full moon wedding nights, and don’t like unexpected guests showing up without asking first; be wary if renting this Hawk’s Bay hut.3

Jinnat are known to host wedding ceremonies during full moon nights at Hawk’s Bay huts, though uninvited guests aren’t welcome! So be wary and don’t dare your friends to rent this space at nighttime.

These are some of Karachi’s most renowned haunted sites. Are you brave enough to visit one yourself or heartless enough to send friends along? Share your there’s a ghost in my house experience in the comments section.

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