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ICC World Cup facts

Cheering for the national team is a big part of the ICC World Cup facts and almost always excites people. The World Cup hasn’t always been so colorful, though. The first time players wore their country’s colors while playing in the World Cup was in 1992. Before that, only white people were good at the game of bat and ball.

2-Older ICC World Cup facts were boring in more than just the whites. They were also long, with each side having 60 overs until 1987 when the 50-over system was finally put in place.

3-Australia and India are the only countries to have won the Cup in both the 60 overs and 50 overs versions of the game.

4-Even though cricket is a game played mostly by men, the women’s cricket world Cup started first. The women’s cricket world cup, first thought of in 1973, is two years older than the men’s.

5-The story of Sri Lankan cricketer Marvan Atapattu is also sad.

This man was on the team for two World Cup finals, but he didn’t get to play either time.

Once against Australia in 1996, when Sri Lanka went on to win the tournament, and again in 2007 against the same team, when Sri Lanka came in second.

ICC World Cup facts:

6-Kepler Wessels is the only person to have played cricket for two different countries as a full member in the ICC World Cup facts. He did this in both of his lives. Wessels played for Australia in three games at the 1983 World Cup. In the 1992 World Cup, he led his home country, South Africa, in nine games. This was after he had been away for nine years.

7-Three more people Anderson Cummins, Ed Joyce, and Eoin

Morgan has played in the ICC World Cup facts for two different countries, but none of them has been full citizens of those countries.

8: The 2007 World Cup was even more interesting because Ed Joyce played for England and Eoin Morgan played for Ireland.

Four years later, England was represented by Eoin Morgan, and Ed Joyce represented Ireland.

9: Sri Lankan bowler Nuwan Kulasekara has the unique honor of having thrown the last ball of the World Cup in 2011 and the first ball of the next World Cup in 2015.

ICC World Cup facts:

10-There have also been bugs at the World Cup. In the final of the 2011 event, the game was decided by tossing coins twice.
In the final game between India and Sri Lanka,

Indian captain MS Dhoni went for the toss, and Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara had to call on that. But Sangakkara was too quiet for match judge Jeff Crowe to hear him, so Crowe chose to flip the coin again. After calling heads and winning the toss, Sangakkara chose to bat first against the team that ended up winning.

11: The legendary Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan came

out of retirement to lead his country to victory in the 1992 World Cup event.

12-Pakistani bowler Shahid Afridi is the only person to have

taken four or more wickets in a single game at four different world cups.

13: The Sri Lankan team is also the only one in history to have won two league games without playing a single ball.

Because of safety worries in Sri Lanka, which was also the host country for the 1996 tournament,

players from Australia and the West Indies refused to go there. In the end, the island country always came out on top in each of these games.

ICC World Cup

1975West Indies291–8Australia274By 17 runs, West Indies won.
1979West Indies286–9England194By 92 runs, West Indies won.
1983India183West Indies140By 43 runs, India won.
1987Australia253–5England246–8By 7 runs, Australia won.
1992Pakistan249–6England227By 22 runs, Pakistan won.
1996Sri Lanka245–3Australia241Sri Lanka triumphed with a 7-wicket victory.
1999Australia133–2Pakistan132It was an 8-wicket victory for Australia.
2003Australia359–2India234It was a 125-run victory for Australia.
2007Australia281–4Sri Lanka215–8Australia beat them by 53 runs
2011India277–4Sri Lanka274–6By 6 wickets, India won.
2015Australia186–3New Zealand183By 7 runs, Australia won.





New Zealand


The match tied after normal play and a super over; England won on a boundary count.

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