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iPhone 15 Pro

Apple will launch four flagship iPhone models in September 2023: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Like their previous flagship model iPhone 14 Pro models, these higher-end models will boast additional features not available to more budget-minded iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models.

This roundup summarizes everything we know about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max from circulating rumors, while standard iPhone 15 models can be found here. According to expectations, the 6.1 inch iPhone 15 Pro may measure exactly identically in size as the iPhone 14 Pro models.

At present, it appears that Apple will make some minor design updates to its iPhone 15 Pro models, including thinner, curved bezels and titanium material for the chassis that will replace stainless steel.

They may also add an updated “mute” button which could serve as an Action button similar to that found on an Apple Watch Ultra; this button may allow users to set multiple functions, from activating flashlight to activating shortcuts.

iphone features 

iphone 15 pro max features 

An advanced 3-nanometer A17 chip will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models; all other iPhone 15 models use an A16 chip similar to what was in use in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

The upgraded A17 chip should offer faster processing speeds as well as battery life improvements; we could see speed increases and improvement. All models will include Dynamic Island this year while transitioning from Lightning to USB-C connectivity; however only iPhone 15 Pro lineup members will include upgraded ports featuring faster transfer speeds up to USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 transfer speeds.

Apple will reportedly include more RAM with their A17 chip, while all iPhone 15 models will use Qualcomm 5G modem chips as connectivity solutions. A new Ultrawide Band chip may also be introduced for near interaction.

Apple will debut their Vision Pro headset early 2024; both models of iPhone 15 Pro will share nearly identical features except for one major difference — their respective camera lenses have different focal lengths.

Both iPhone 15 Pro models will include telephoto lens technology as part of their standard three-camera array, but only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a new periscope lens to enable five to sixx optical zoom compared to just three on previous iPhone 14 Pro models.

According to reports, the colors for these phones could include blue, silver, space gray/black and titanium gray; with camera improvements expected to be the highlight at Apple’s event for these smartphones.

iphone 15 pro max release date 2023

The USB-C port on Apple’s current iPhone 14 Pro lineup doesn’t differ drastically from its Lightning counterpart; however, it is interesting to observe its similarity. The image shows off a deeper curve expected for inclusion on upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models and has a brushed metal finish, possibly representing their reported titanium chassis.

Leaked front glass panels for the iPhone 15 Pro models provide us with some insight into their bezel thickness; there’s a noticeable variation between models; according to reports, thinner bezels will only appear on those designated as iPhone 15 Pro and not standard iPhone 15.

Rumors had it that Apple would redesign the iPhone 15 Pro models with a single volume button design; however, this no longer holds true. Apple no longer utilizes solid-state button technology; therefore they have returned to using two buttons like they did with the 14 Pro.

Renders or leaks depicting one button are no longer accurate as its design has now changed.iphone 15 pro max release date 2023

Though Apple is unlikely to alter the volume buttons significantly, we expect them to replace the mute switch with a button, as evidenced by renders we have seen.

Images of USB-C connector parts designed for Apple’s next-generation iPhone models were leaked online in August, further attesting to Apple’s shift toward USB-C charging technology.

iphone 15 pro max pink

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are expected to resemble their predecessors with OLED displays of 6.1 and 6.7-inches respectively, featuring Dynamic Island cutouts for camera placement and Face ID hardware.

Leak Shrimp ApplePro reported on changes expected for both Pro models. According to them, iPhone 15 Pro will feature noticeably thinner bezels than their 14 Pro counterparts and remain flat despite having slimmer, curved edges similar to what can be found on Apple Watch Series 7 and 8.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s bezels are expected to measure 1.55mm, making this phone likely the thinnest yet on the market compared to previous devices such as the 14 Pro (which boasts 2.17mm bezels). Bezel size may remain consistent across standard iPhone 15 models.

Rumors indicate that Apple will move away from using stainless steel this year in favor of titanium for the frames of their iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices. Titanium offers several advantages over stainless steel

it is lighter, stronger, more resistant against corrosion, easier to work with and thus more costly.

iphone 15 pro max características

Presuming no major changes have taken place to internal components, an iPhone with a titanium frame will typically weigh less than an iPhone with a stainless steel frame; thus making both models lighter than their predecessors in terms of weight;

this should result in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max being significantly smaller than their 14 Pro counterparts; we anticipate an expected weight of 188 grams for the former and 221 for the latter.

Titanium has already made an appearance in Apple Watch models, and Apple has made use of two titanium colors, namely standard silver-like natural titanium and darker space black titanium hues, in previous years. Apple may use similar hues on iPhone 15 Pro models or create brand new hues.

Titanium offers multiple advantages over stainless steel when it comes to weight and finish; not only is it lighter weight but its matte texture is less likely to attract fingerprints than the iPhone 14 Pro’s stainless steel frame does.

Titanium is a much stronger material than stainless steel, so an iPhone chassis made out of it could provide superior resistance against dings and bends; however, scratches may be easier due to damage in its oxide layer making small marks more visible.

Furthermore, lightness could make titanium more susceptible to denting than its stainless steel counterpart.

iphone 15 pro max colors.

Apple typically introduces one new color each year, and Apple 15 Pro prototype devices have already seen this dark blue shade as one option.

Other colors expected this year will include a lighter silver gray shade, space black color and natural titanium color – no gold options are expected to be made available this time around.

Volume Buttons

Apple was originally expected to include solid-state volume buttons that would replace physical ones on its iPhone 15 Pro models, along with an elongated single button design and haptic feedback as a way of creating the illusion of pressing when there was no physical button to press on.

Apple was widely reported as employing solid-state button technology during its months-long rumor cycle, yet in April the company pulled back due to unresolved technical issues according to reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo believes Apple will opt to “revert back to traditional physical button design”, such as using dual buttons for iPhone 14 Pro models instead of single ones as was speculated earlier this year. He adds that solid state buttons may even feature in future iPhone 16 models.

Action Button

Apple may make some subtle modifications to their volume buttons, as rumors swirl of Apple replacing the current mute switch with an innovative button design similar to volume buttons and solid state buttons. A source from MacRumors forums even suggested it could become an “Action” button similar to what can be found on Apple Watch Ultra devices; multiple sources have confirmed it will indeed be a physical rather than solid state button.

The “Action” button will reportedly replace the current Ring/Silent switch located near the volume buttons, though its function has yet to be revealed. Like its Apple Watch counterpart, such a button may be customizable in terms of activating Do Not Disturb, Low Power Mode activation and accessing Camera apps among other things.

Apple is expected to utilize the new Action button to alter how iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users restart and power off their devices. Instead of pressing both Side buttons and volume buttons to force restart or power down their phone, these 15 Pro models could use their Action button in combination with Side buttons for force restarts and shutoff.

iOS 17 code has hinted at some of the features the Action button may enable, including Silent Mode toggles and turning on Flashlight or Camera activations as well as short cuts or turning Focus mode on. Furthermore, it could launch Magnifier App, Translate App or Voice Memo Apps among many other options.


Disply & features 

iPhone 15 models could feature an OLED display driver chip produced on a 28nm process that would reduce power consumption, potentially increasing battery life.

3D printed models of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro offer insight into how prior-generation iPhone 14 cases will fit, suggesting they won’t work with new iPhones.

Small changes to the dimensions of iPhone 15 devices prevent most cases from fitting perfectly; though an iPhone 15 Plus may fit inside an iPhone 14 Plus case. Furthermore, their larger rear camera housing and more rounded design may preclude some 14 Pro cases from functioning correctly; as well as modifications made to buttons.

iPhone 15 Pro case leaks reveal that these new models will feature slightly repositioned power and volume buttons compared to their location on iPhone 14 Pro models, placing them just a bit lower. Furthermore, their cases feature larger cutouts at the bottom to accommodate for their USB-C port.

Apple has confirmed that all iPhone 15 models will feature a USB-C charging port instead of Lightning port to meet EU regulatory requirements and to adapt its iPhone models globally to Europe law requirements. Apple must either design an iPhone specifically tailored towards Europe, or make global adjustments.

USB-C Charging Speeds

At least some iPhone 15 models could support charging speeds of up to 35W, enabling faster charging with an appropriate power adapter. It remains to be seen if this feature will apply only to certain models of iPhone 15, such as those within the Pro series.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 15 Pro

Apple’s A17 Chip

Both the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are expected to feature Apple’s next-generation A17 processor, expected to be manufactured using 3-nanometer fabrication technology.

Apple’s iPhone 15 models will offer less features than their Pro counterparts; specifically A16 chips, standard cameras without telephoto lens support and slower USB-C connectivity compared to those found in Pro models – but will be more affordable.

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