February 27, 2024
Gulberg III lahore, Pakistan
Bedtime Stories

Jinnaat made a sweet order

This story is about an area in Lahore, Mughalpura; Mughalpura is famous. Jinnaat made a sweet order .There is a sweet shop in Mughalpura that is very renowned. The sweet shop is made in the best way. The people of that sweet shop quality of the sweets shop is that they have kept their riders, that is, there is so much selling of sweets that they have kept their riders, apart from the night and day they are delivering the sweets. So, riders who have been held they have sold the sweets,ghost made a sweet order.

What happened one day when they got a call around 3.30 am night?

The caller said there were 25 kg of sweets in that location, and you are thinking, so late at night, who will need 25 kg of sweets? Anyway, now that the order is there, call a rider; Brother, listen, send this location, take it with you, and bring this 25 kg of sweets to this location. You have to take them there.

But now when it reaches, there is a place far away from the city, a small house. When it arrives there, what does it see? There is a small house built outside. A sack has grown in place of the door. It is looking for a way.
What is the location of this house? Yes, then, obviously, this is the house. The man comes out now; when that man comes out and removes the sackcloth, there is a man 65 feet from that house. He looked at him and said yes, brother, sweets he said yrs brother, take this. He handed over those 25 kilos of sweets,Jinnaat made a sweet order,ghost made a sweet order.

The man also gave money for the sweets to the one who came from inside and gave him a tip of Rs.5000, and he got the prize, and he thought I was going to big houses, but no one gave me a bonus of 5000 a small house with a sackcloth curtain gave me a tip of 5000.

Now, it is the second day of midnight because the Rider has a duty at night, and it happens at 3.30 am in mid of the night, and he gets the order of 30 kg of sweets from the exact location. Whereas yesterday you sent 25 kg, today you have sent 30 kg of sweets in the exact location of a small house.
The owner of the sweets shop thought and said that the person who had taken it yesterday should be called so that he can reach it quickly because he knows the address of that house.

We are on the second day

now he is going there because obviously, everyone has the hope that I’m going there. There must be the same support. He is in the grip of 5k and is thinking that even today, I have to get rs 5k as a tip And he reached the location,small ghost house.
He parked his bike there, opened the basket of sweets in his bike, kept it below, and made a sound in front of a small house. The same man who met him yesterday came out and said yes, said sweets, picked up the sweets, and gave him the money for the sweets, and even today, he gives him a 5k tip. And now Rider is thinking to himself, that man is giving me 5k daily, what a rich man he must be, and if he is a rich man, then why is he in a one-room house? This thing is going on in his mind. He thinks that yesterday I brought 20 kg of sweets that went to his house, and today I brought 30 kg of sweets that went to his house.

Then how many people would be there in this one-room house who would eat too many sweets?
Rider talking to himself, or are you running around in your mind? Why not go inside the house on some pretext and take stock of what all this is all about?

Why should I not take a closer look at all these things.?

And he called again, but no one came. He called a second, but no one came, and a third time, that same person who had gone inside with the basket of sweets came out and said to him, hey, you are. I am thinking that if you don’t mind, then I can use your washroom because my journey is far and I will not be able to complete my journey in this condition, so he says OK,
And then come with me, that person is taking him to that sack room for the first time.

That person held his hand and said, come with me. He took him inside and, holding his hand, removed the sack; it was as if he had entered inside; what did he see? he entered inside and saw that the house was like a palace. And thousands of people are present inside that house.

That everyone is eating sweets.

And they were continuously going on in that one-room house. After 5 minutes of walking, he took Gina up one step, and after climbing, Gina entered the washroom. He entered and closed the room from inside, and he locked himself in the washroom for half an hour. He is inside the washroom, and he thinks that I have to open it and run straight outside.Jinnaat made a sweet order,ghost made a sweet order.

I have run back the way. I hope this is what he is thinking. Do you know what happens as soon as he opens the door? As soon as he opens the door, what he sees is that he is standing on the main road. There is no house, no people, nothing; there is a blank road. He is standing alone on the road above all the way he had walked. That is the house he went to.

What does he see when his bike is parked in front?

He just sits on his bike and kicks it. And runs away from there as fast as he can. When he reaches his home, and for three days he is feverish or unable to wake up from fever for three days,small ghost house. Yes, now, on the 4th day, when he joins his duty, he has gone for duty. Then, on the 4th day, his boss asks him how he is. He says yes, alright, ghost made a sweet order.
His boss said you have the same order to deliver to the same location where you kept going four days ago, then he stood up and folded his hand, and Allah’s sake, let me work, and I let stay alive. He said, is the purpose? He said No, I will not die, so do not you send it to anyone then he shared that thing with them. All happened in the last four days.

What is houri in Islam?

An houri is a young woman of extraordinary beauty. According to Islamic belief, a deceased believer’s celestial companion in Paradise is called an houri. The Quran mentions the houri multiple times, making it a significant figure in Islam.

Do the Djinn have powers?

Djinn are all magical beings with abilities considerably greater than those of mortals. Some are free to live their lives and use their power anyway they like, while others are ensnared by things (like lamps or books).

Who is the leader of the Djinn?

Iblis, also known as Shaytan, rose to become a figure akin to the Devil. His demonic adherents are referred to as devils, and they act like demons in the West.

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