December 5, 2023
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Most haunted places in Lahore

Punjab has a long history, that much is clear. Most haunted places in Lahore have had multiple Wars, like other Asian nations, creating eerie, dark locations that can make your blood chill.

So, are you prepared to explore these Punjabi areas’ most haunted locations? As we walk through the area where villagers have reported seeing ghosts and other paranormal activity, make sure you hold your bladder.

Although Punjab is a province rich in history and culture, several of its locations are said to be haunted. These locations in Punjab are the focus of local myths and folklore, drawing tourists and paranormal investigators from all over the world. In reality, the country contains various locations that will literally make you feel afraid.

With a population of over 13 million, Lahore is the capital city of Punjab and has a long history, that much is clear. Most haunted places in Lahore have had multiple Wars, like other Asian nations, creating eerie, dark locations that can make your blood chill. and is renowned for its exceptional hospitality,

food menu, historic architecture, and culture. But the majority of people might be unaware of the fact that Lahore is also well known for having some of the most scary locations in Pakistan, places that will put your courage to the test.

1. Qila Sheikhupura Fort

The legends say that Sheikhupura Fort in Lahore is the most haunted place in Lahore.

During the rule of Emperor Jahangir, the fort was built. The Tuzk-e-Jahangiri says that the Emperor gave Sikandar Moeen the job of building the Fort while he was shooting at Hiran Minar in 1607.

However, there is no solid proof that this is true.

The fort is now in very bad shape and is full of trash. The government doesn’t seem to want to fix up the fort, and the people can’t go there. People think that the Queens’ spirits still live there.

There are rumors that the Sheikhupura Fort is haunted by several scary figures that explore throughout.

Many people who live here have described weird paranormal activity and have seen odd things when visiting this place. Numerous accounts describe individuals who have reported hearing voices, sobbing, and other unusual noises coming from the fort at night.

2. Shakuntala’s Room,( Lahore College Women’s University):

Yes, there is a story behind this. There was a girl named Shakuntala, and she was killed by a Sikh during the chaos of India’s freedom. Some people say that after her death, a tree grew right where she died and reached the roof.

 People claim that Shakuntala was a young girl who committed suicide by hanging herself from a strong tree branch at the same location where this college was built during the British era after 1800.

Additionally, one room was to be constructed near where a tree already existed, as shown on the map.

Founded in 1922 by the British government was this college. After they had cut down the tree, they had constructed a special room. then used thick cement to cover the old tree’s underlying foundations.

Yet, the unusual thing occurred following a couple of days, the tree grew up again, consequently from a similar spot This was an intriguing paranormal occurrence in the wake of tearing the concrete ceiling.

3, Z block DHA Phase 3 – Lahore 

People say that in DHA Phase 3 Sector Z, there is a big evil house that has been through several exorcisms, but the ghosts won’t leave no matter what the owner does.

It appears that residents have been chased, flung around, and ultimately scared away from the house. The house is currently empty and its value has dropped.

4 Victoria Girls High School (Nau Nihal Singh Haveli):

The Nau Nihal Singh haveli, formerly a Sikh palace in ancient Lahore, is now a school.
Nau Nihal Singh Haveli is unique among surviving Sikh havelis since it has kept all of its original architectural details so meticulously.

When the British took over Punjab in 1849, the haveli was changed into the first public school for girls.

The people of the area are still served by what was once known as Victoria Girls High School.

The building’s enormous construction, which includes more than 40 rooms, halls, chambers, jharokhas, and inner courtyard facades, is beautiful. Although the haveli may appear to be having a ton of fun, the reality inside its walls is quite the reverse.

This lovely haveli was erected by Maharaja Ranjit Singh

for his grandson Nau Nihal Singh. The building structure is very amazing; it contains more than 40 rooms, chambers, halls, and jharokhas,

all of which appear like a lot of fun but also contain stories of treachery and evil murder that are bloody and gory.

Many chambers and a basement, according to rumors, are where the ghosts of Maharajas and Maharanis are located. The general public is not permitted in certain locations.

The Rang Mahal, which is embellished with frescoes, mirrors, and painted plaster, is the most terrifying aspect of the tale.

This is thought to be the chamber that Nau Nihal Singh’s ghost haunts because he passed away in a very mysterious way.

5 The Basement Of Fatima Memorial College 

Prior to partition, a prison for women was housed in the building’s basement. There have been many deaths among women and kids. According to legend, they are frequently observed, their voices may be heard at night,

and various things are constantly moving around.

Now, people say they often hear screams and different voices at night,

and some say they’ve seen things they can’t even explain.

 Moti Masjid, Lahore:

Are there ghosts at Moti Masjid in Lahore? Most haunted places in Lahore Extremely Interesting Pearl Mosque Stories from the Jinnat (Elves) Fort Lahore
About 400 years prior, the Mughal emperor Jahangir

constructed the Moti Masjid. Later, Lahore’s pearl mosque underwent modifications by architect King Shah Jahan.

Because of the white marble used in its construction, it is also known as the Pearl Mosque. Many superstitions about the existence of jinns and dwarfs are currently well-known among the general public. Although no one has directly witnessed them, there are several assertions that lack supporting evidence.

A large number of individuals use this mosque every day, particularly in the afternoon to perform Namaz e Hajat. Because the Jinnat that reside in Moti Masjid Lahore identify as Muslims, the locals believe that their prayers are bolstered by their presence. Even women without mahram visit this location.

Even though it’s late, they won’t leave Moti Masjid for chilla kashi. Most Islamic scholars agree that it is not necessary to travel to the Moti Masjid Lahore Fort in order to perform the Namaz e Hajat.

Only the All-Powerful Allah can satiate all of your wants and answer all of your prayers, according to Allama Raghib Naeemi. We should avoid the superstitions propagated by the so-called Allama Lahoti because Jinnat has no part in it. Despite being the Almighty Allah’s creatures, Jinnat does not participate in the acceptance of our petitions


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