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Top 10 horror places in delhi

Horror places in delhi Cantonment in Delhi offers luxurious strolls during the daytime but can quickly turn dangerous at night due to the combination of frightening atmosphere and dense vegetation lining its roads. Top 10 horror places in delhi travelers on late evening routes have reported seeing a woman dressed all white pleading for rides – residents in this region even claim that she was hitchhiking when she died! Therefore it would be wise not to visit after dark.

Delhi Cantonment, commonly referred to by its former name of Delhi Cantt, is one of Delhi’s wealthiest neighborhoods and Tilak Nagar station is closest to it on the Delhi Metro system.

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delhi cantonment

Haunted places in Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli:

Before visiting a baoli (also known as a stepwell), it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with its peculiar surroundings. According to local folklore, this baoli was once home to an alluring pool of mysterious dark water which lured individuals to commit suicide by tempting them down its stairs and giving the impression that someone was following you.

Agrasen ki Baoli neighborhood has its own metro stop close by: Barakhamba Road Metro station on Delhi’s Blue Line is just minutes away, providing passengers access to Agrasen ki Baoli by taking just 650m walk along Agrasen Ki Baoli Lane from there.

Haunted places in Delhi

Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van’s scorching heat will leave you breathless. This forested area is one of the top most haunted locations in Delhi due to the abundance of legends, haunting spirits, eerie woodlands, tombs and accounts of haunting spirits that reside here. However, after dusk it should be avoided as much as possible, even though it may provide temporary refuge during the daytime hours.

sanjay van horror place in delhi can be reached via bus, metro or taxi; taking your own car is another viable option; simply park at Gate 3 of Rockland Hospital to be close.

Khooni Darwaza

Though the ancient monument itself is impressive in terms of construction, its legends will give you chills. This location ranks as one of the top haunted spots in Delhi due to the numerous reports from residents regarding screams, cries, and other unearthly noises heard there. Residents also claim that during monsoon season blood would flow down from its roof onto its ground-floor floor!

Just when you thought the supernatural presence had reached its eerie pinnacle, its tales will provide another layer of creepy intrigue. One popular account claims that Jehangir ordered the public execution of Bairam Khan’s grandchildren here; their corpses hung there for days to demonstrate his absolute dominance.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is approximately 18 kilometres away from Khooni Darwaza. Driving your own vehicle typically takes 30-40 minutes depending on traffic; alternatively you could opt for taxi services or pre-paid shuttle services like Uber for an expeditious journey to Khooni Darwaza.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Not only is Old Delhi and all horror places in delhi one of Delhi’s best-known historical landmarks, it is also one of its most haunted locations. Djinns have been seen at this 14th-century site where people have reported hearing unexplained sounds, sensing a presence nearby or being touched by unknown forces.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is generally peaceful; however, every Thursday evening villagers congregate there to appease any resident djinns and appease them in exchange for being allowed inside. As part of this ritual several individuals have reported being physically pushed and intimidated during this ceremony; it would be wise not to venture there alone as you may encounter obstacles or intimidation while visiting. You can visit during the day, but only go by yourself if your curiosity demands so.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort can be reached easily using various types of public transportation in the area, including taxi cabs, rickshaws, or regional bus networks. Metro trains also run throughout the city with Pragati Maidan metro station being nearest to it.

Chor Minar and Khooni Nadi

Due to its association with horrific events, this landmark will cause you to experience chills down your spine. Dating back to 13th century, this minaret contains over 225 apertures in its walls that were used by Ala-ud-din Khalji to hold heads of criminals who were executed there; many say their souls still roam about today in this region and witnesses have reported hearing cries and screams that sound as though someone is being tortured here.

Haus Khas is the nearest metro station and from there you can walk directly to Chor Minar as the distance between them is less than 400 m.

Khooni Nadi:

Even if the word itself (khooni means bloody and nadi means river) does not send chills down your spine, the tales associated with it surely will. People living nearby claim that anyone coming too near to the river will be drawn into its waters; should these claims prove accurate, no one has come out from under water yet and reported having experienced battle there.

Due to its central Delhi location, Khooni Nadi area can easily be accessed via all forms of transport – you may travel by road whenever is most suitable for you!

Taxis may be readily hailed from Delhi’s airport or train station for a short ride into Rohini neighbourhood if arriving by air or rail, and any person once you’ve arrived should know exactly where Khooni Nadi can be found.

Mutiny House

Mutiny House was constructed as a memorial to honor British soldiers who gave their lives suppressing rebellion in 1857, yet has become one of Delhi’s most terrifying spots in recent years. Numerous tourists have reported witnessing body parts being chopped off, inexplicable supernatural happenings, and its constant stillness causing it to give off chills – perfect to give visitors goosebumps! You’ll find Mutiny House near Old Telegraph Building near Kashmiri Gate.

The Ridge Area

The Ridge area of Delhi is unquestionably one of the creepiest places in India, known for its haunting silence and terrifying stillness as well as tales about an armored British soldier carrying an rifle. If you find yourself there late at night, keep an eye out for ghost sightings which many other people claim they’ve witnessed – this area remains shrouded in mystery regarding missing residents as well as tragic accidents that happen here.

horror places in delhi cantt

DDA flats In Qutub Enclave Phase II

Residents in this locality have reported sightings of an unusually pale and grimy woman’s corpse hanging upside down from a tree near one of Delhi’s allegedly haunted houses, often during drastic temperature shifts, sudden winds, or hearing an unearthly laughter from within one of these haunted houses. Many believe that this complex used to be part of an old graveyard with frequent ghost sightings during that era.

Kunal Mathur, an expert Marketer recalled: “While returning home at 2 am with three colleagues from a party at 2 a.m., two oddly dressed individuals dressed in Rajasthani attires passed by us on their way away and disappeared into thin air. Prior to this we had heard several instances about this road being one of Delhi’s haunted locations and thought nothing further about what could possibly have been going on there.” At first we found it strange why anyone would walk down these desolate roads at this hour of night. Yet as soon as we crossed them they began following us with alarming speed. My colleague who was driving just pushed us to reach our maximum speed limit and, to my amazement, two mysterious figures began following us closely until passing a small roadside temple and disappearing completely into thin air – I still cannot make sense out of what happened and have never ventured down that haunted road again ever.

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