February 28, 2024
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Top 5 horror movies

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope all are fine.

Today I will share with you some of the Top 5 horror movies with expensive budgets

coming some of the most expensive horror movies

all time in today’s blog and we are counting down the top 5 most expensive horrible movies ever made from

Marvellous sets and special Vfx ,with highly A list actors .

1-Hollow Man (2000)- ‘$95 Million budgets.

Hollow man (2000) with 95 million dollars hollow man was a visually massive

movie Kevin bacon starred as the invisible good villain.

The movie massive visuals were awesome and received an Academy Award nomination attracted viewers and made over $190 million globally.

  • Hollow man Top cast

Kevin Bacon · Sebastian Caine ; Elisabeth Shue · Linda ; Josh  Kim Dickens ·

Greg  and many more  actors and actresses are in the hollow man and top 5 horror Moviesda list.

2-Prometheus (2012)-$130 million

prometheus (2012) with -$130 million dollars.Ridley Scott ‘s prometheus was a highly anticipated prequel to the popular alien franchise

and 20th century fox was willing to invest heavily in the scientific fiction movie prometheus.

Prometheus become a massive hit in globaly grossing over $400 million worldwide

movie was  impressive with visual effects and extra ordinary performances by Naomi rapes.

Prometheus Top cast

Noomi Rapace , Elizabeth Shaw ; Michael, David ;

Charlize ,Peter Weyland and many more  actors and actresses are in the prometheus and top 5 horror Moviesda list.

3-The Wolfman (2010)-$150million

The wolfman (2010) with the budget of $150 million ,

the wolfman a direct remake of the 1941 classic horror movie was highly anticipation for with an all star cast,

and Benicio del toro Emily and many other star cast and massive budget and amazing visuals effects.

The movie faced numerous challenges even before production due to financial budget and reshoots under replacement director joe johnson ultimately

lead to budget well over the original $85 millions and these efforts

the  film was a massive disappointment and also received

poor reviews from the audience and critics and earned just $142 million worldwide .

The Wolfman Top cast

Benicio Del Toro · Lawrence Talbot ; Anthony Hopkins 

and many more  actors and actresses are in the wolfman and top 5 horror movies da list.

4-Van Helsing (2004)-$160 million 

van Helsing (2004) thrill and action horror featuring iconic movies with horrible characters such as frankenstein’s, monster darcula.

The Wolf man, Dr Jekyll movie start with Hugh Jackman fresh off  his successful stint in

the x-men franchise as the lead character with massive budget $160 millions.

van Helsing remain one of the most expensive action

horror movies of the all time but the movies da does not attract large

audience only bringing in $120 million at the worldwide.

Van helsing Top cast

Hugh Jackman · Kate Beckinsale ·

Richard Roxburgh and many more  actors and actresses are in Van Helsing and top 5 horror movies list.

5 world war z (2013) -$190 Million .

world war z holds the title as the most expensive horror movie $119 million ,

the film journey as the big screen are massively hit and earn globally $540million world wide.

with surprising all other zombie movies in terms

of popularity this success can be partially attributed

to the star power of Brad Pitt  both as an actor and producer. i hope you read and  enjoy  and visit our website newslase for more blogs such as horror stories ,Ghost stories

,famous people born today and many more.

world war z  Top cast

Top cast ; Brad Pitt · Gerry Lane , Karin Lane and many more  actors and actresses are in world war z  and top 5 horror movies list.


Hope you have learned a lot from this blog and this is my 2nd blog and tell me which one is your favourite movies da movie.

So tell us in the comments  section if these movies justify their budget or not and if you like my blog, and I will try to make each blog better than the previous one and you exited for up coming blog tamil hd movies download.

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