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Who killed benazir bhutto

I know because I am a Muslim that no one can kill me unless Allah almighty permits no bullet can hit me until my time comes, this word is benazir bhutto (Who killed Benazir Bhutto)
your country my country is in danger you and I have to save this country this is our country this land is dear to us these great words by Mohtarma benazir bhutto in the last speech in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi.

This is the short blog of the first Pakistani female prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Why do we come?

It’s the birthday of Mohtarma benazir bhutto on the 21 June and she was born in 1953 in Karachi.
The former prime minister of Pakistan served two times as a female prime minister and we all know that on 27 December 2007, they were shot in a Liaqat Bagh during the rally.

She was killed and martyred now this story must have you heard many facts during his long period.
you are familiar with them you know these things you know but some new things you may find in this analysis of what I am going to do there are many aspects to the story and if it is discussed in detail I think it will be less than a 2 hour,

but some things that have not been picked up yet and recently hidden they are because the process is quite long and scrutiny continues on them (Who killed Benazir Bhutto).

even if the state does not comply this happens in such a way that Benazir is out in self-exile after deportation they exist in London and they stop in Dubai often after being out of power for so long deal is made what you know and Musharaf the government of western countries are their.
There are some leaders who promise to keep you in power but allow these individuals to return so they can deal with you.

This is how it will be that you both will become a transaction towards democracy.
the country is currently on the side of dictatorship only you will continue to communicate.

Western countries already like martial law

very much the reason for this in Pakistan is that they do not have the tension of passing the bill again there is no tension if implementing big decisions they call one person their job is done whether it is to send nato supplies or to hand over solar air base to them or them or ether things like that or to get drone attacks.

watching all this benazir receives a green signal and she prepares to return, but he gets the beginning that Musharraf sahib doesn’t want him to return.

He envisions Musharraf telling Benazir over the phone that the security offered if you return is dependent on our connection.

if our relationship will fine that means you will follow my lines my decision then you will be secure or else you will not and Benazir said that is a direct threat he told me the journalist as well it would have happened in many places, who was the American vice president at this time Benazir called him and said that he wants the security of the level of American diplomats okay we will give you a defense contractor they company was named after Benazir Bhutto’s security.

Took responsibility but Musharraf Sahib

said that he could not let this happen because the security that we have will remain in our hands we will not give it to any foreign contractor we are on it to the one

The same Qari Saifullah Akhtar was actively involved in the toppling of his administration.

And then Karsaz because they are going towards the tomb of Jinnah (Mazar e qaid) they get the first signal inside them. There was a terrible explosion in which 150+ people died and 400+ people were injured.

Who killed Benazir Bhutto

then Benazir says that I probably should not go out I should not go back but she is on a short trip to meet with family or to see other matters.

Before going there dubai Mohtarma prominent lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir, Qari Akhter, and the deep state had prepared a plane to kill me now

When Benazir Bhutto is in Dubai, Asma sends her a note saying that she won’t return if she does. Later, I learn more about this.

They will be removed from the way the plan ready but Benazir does not listen again let’s come back Benazir start their election campaign and then they were targeted during the Liaqat Bagh gathering on December 27 when Liaqat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of Pakistan, was also.
The biggest surprise is that the doctor who examined the first Prime Minister of the country when he was shot and that doctor’s son examined Benazir Bhutto when she was brought to Rawalpindi Hospital after being shot.

27 December 2007 last spech

during Jalsa Khalid Shahenshah who was a security officer is on camera the thing that he points out during the procession is that he puts his hand on his neck in a slicing motion.
when Benazir rides in the car the out of the sunroof and waved towards the public a 17-year-old youth named Bilal spent the night sleeping in a madrassa which the imran khan s gov just passed away recently millions of rupees have been given in the fund name of madrasa Haqqania and he pulls out a pistol he fires be nazir’s neck gets fire and starts bleeding and after that, he dies and then sudden blast.
and at that time in Waziristan, there was a celebration at a location where these Taliban were gathered. Baitullah Masood participated in the celebration and was later killed in an American drone strike. Before his death, Baitullah stated, “My children and those who were to handle Bilal have done an amazing job.” After a while, the people who were handling this man end up being slain by police at a checkpoint, and the crime scene is swept away without any further inquiry.

After some time in the case of Benazir

some of the judiciary people are killed like Shahenshah who indicated this is killed outside his house.
they bring it and authorities do not cooperate with the investigation and they also go back without any conclusion.

the thing is that there have papular public leaders who were snatched from the people of Pakistan and then PPP Pakistan peoples party comes to government comes later and often on them this the allegations seem that these people are our own people they could not catch the killers of the leader even Benazir s husband couldn’t catch benazir killer but they do not know whether political leaders have so much power here that they can touch Sach issues.

I hope this blog has been very informative for you. then Tell us which one is your favorite blog or personality in the comments section. If you enjoy my thoughts through a blog then visit newslase that way you helped me a lot to keep making more content and I will try to make each blog better than the previous one.

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