December 6, 2023
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Are You Searching for Guest Post Guidelines to Pitch Ideas About Freelance Writing Business and Craft? Look No Further! We’re on the hunt for talented authors! Write for Us wants to hear your unique ideas that challenge our readers while driving forward our industry – radical or otherwise! But that doesn’t have to mean disruptive web design innovations; simply provide readers with fresh perspectives on problems which keep keeping you awake at night!

Write for us is an rapidly expanding website for startups, news and articles about them. Visitors search topics available here which makes the experience truly remarkable! Every author wants their narrative or material seen by as many people as possible – that is why we provide writers or companies the chance to reach such wide audiences at low costs by posting blogs for guest posting or content marketing with us on our homepage – rather than quantity being our top priority, quality is always given priority over quantity here.

Writing guest posts is rewarding in its own right; you will learn an incredible amount about communicating your thoughts, writing style and even about an issue you thought you knew well when starting out. Not to mention thousands of employees (potential employers, customers or publishers) reading your work! At Guestposting Network we read every guest post request we receive and we can be quite selective when selecting what goes onto our blog; please read all guidelines prior to sending us any requests as those not meeting standards will likely be rejected.

What Do We Publish?

Write for us publishes original pieces about startup history, lifestyle, and content relevant to business news. We want writers or authors who can write original pieces detailing how SMEs have started out on their journeys as SMEs; how companies utilize innovative creative ideas and methods that impact world presences like digital marketing, human resources management and new technologies; as well as uncover the secret behind their success. We collaborate with different authors; if you would like us to interview your founder/CEO it’d be great! Send all guidelines as described below so they can progress their efforts!

What Are We Seeking?

Our editors welcome relevant, well-informed articles with practical recommendations (ideally 1000+ words).
Your article must be 100% unpublished and original; once live on our website, it can be reposted to other blogs or websites with just a disclaimer to state it was first seen on GetResponse blog along with a link back.
Asserting all statements with research or case studies must be supported with links, preferably directly. We must avoid quoting our competitors and providing promotional links that do not pertain to us directly.
A great blog posting provides examples to support its points, using images with personal meaning to do so. Stock pictures typically don’t add anything valuable.
Be honest in sharing your experience and use examples to help readers grasp the subject better. In most instances, your unique perspective will add immense value to your article.
Pay careful consideration to your structure, making sure your thinking is easily accessible. An article should contain an introduction, body and conclusion – in writing explain constantly why certain ideas or concepts were brought up and how this helps answer the title’s query.
We seek articles that can be read quickly – brief paragraphs with clear headings, subheadlines, subbullets lists and images; readers should be able to quickly identify major pick ups by just reading titles alone.
Before sending in your content for review by us, use Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a friend, or find an independent proofreader.

Make Sure Your Guest Post on These Categories.








Digital Marketing and games.

How Can I Submit My Post?

If you agree with our terms and conditions and would like to submit content as a Guest Author, simply send your request via email to, and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Who Can We Permit to Publish?

We only agree to write on behalf of individual writers, startups, professionals and freelancers. Instead of writing generically about business or marketing practices, we select content produced by experienced bloggers, startups and producers who have vast experience.

Your writing must demonstrate that you can provide unique tactical insights, drawing from personal experience. Tips, experiences, innovations strategies, success stories etc should all inform the content.

So, why should you consider writing a guest post or applying to “Write for Us?” and what are the benefits?

Posting guests on other company’s websites, commonly referred to as guest blogging or writing content for them, can be understood in two ways. Many websites encourage authors and other writers to contribute, with many offering special guest blogging pages such as “Write to us.” Guest posting or writers usually visit similar topics or industries as part of their research process and visit those with guest blogs in order to obtain more information.

Increased Traffic High Back (THB) Builds Domain Authority for Website (DAW), Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility as well as helping build links within the same business sector (see: (Page 10-11 of 14 for details).

Guest posting or sponsored articles benefit both the author and website hosting guest content.

Guest posting Can Benefit Your Company.

Search engine optimization’s oldest and most utilized strategy is “Write for us,” or guest post. It offers businesses many advantages; not least of all is being seen by market professionals as an ability to present expertise/ideas/knowledge that help cement market relations and broaden reach.

Future authors and developers may utilize this as an avenue towards greater market penetration.

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