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Miracle of the Andes

On October 13, 1972, a charter plane carrying Uruguay’s rugby team crashed in the Andes Mountains and has remained there ever since – both inspiring admiration and horror from many. Survivors’ courage remains astounding to this day.

As soon as they noticed the first signs of trouble on board the plane, its passengers did not panic or show alarm. Most were in their late teens or early 20s as members of a team traveling to Chile for an exhibition game; alive the miracle of the andes ภาค ไทย ,these 45 people whooped and hollered when their chartered plane hit turbulence over the Andes and dropped several hundred feet, followed by hitting another air pocket that dropped even more; suddenly as it fell beneath cloud cover they could see mountain faces just 10-20 feet away from where their plane had come to rest.

alive the miracle of the andes ภาค ไทย

Panchito Abal inquired to his friend Nando Parrado whether it was normal for flights to be so close.

“No,” replied Parrado in response. Immediately thereafter, everything darkened for him.

He had been asleep for almost 48 hours; it was Friday, October 13, 1972 and his Uruguayan Air Force Fairchild F-227 had crashed into a glacial valley high in the Andes on Thursday evening, cutting away its tail through shear-off from its right wing’s impact with the mountainside,alive the miracle of the andes türkçe dublaj izle.

Why It Was Called the “Miracle of the Andes” 

Seven people on board had been sucked out before it crashed; four more, including both pilot and Parrado’s mother, were killed instantly upon impact. By the time Parrado regained consciousness a further five had perished, including Abal, his co-pilot,alive the miracle of the andes türkçe dublaj izle.

By this time there were 29 survivors trapped alone in the Andes with no means to contact outside, their white fuselage all but invisible to rescuers passing overhead, and no real chance for rescue from outside sources, alive the miracle of the andes ภาค ไทย.Their ordeal lasted an unbelievable 72 days until eventually only 16 individuals survived their ordeal.

Later it came to light that those who survived had done so by eating some of their fallen dead comrades, drawing worldwide disapproval but quickly shifting into admiration of their determination and creative thinking in beating seemingly insurmountable odds – an event now widely known as the Miracle of the Andes.”

alive the miracle of the andes türkçe dublaj izle

People with the strength and awareness to do so immediately began tending to the more seriously injured. They used airplane seats piled together into shelter in the broken fuselage where they huddled together day and night; their backs provided enough aluminum heat for melting snow into drinking water – though their supplies were severely limited,miracle in the andes in carnegie library of pittsburgh.

One morning, Parrado later wrote, he found himself clutching a single chocolate-covered peanut: “On the first day, I slowly removed all of the chocolate. On day two and three, however, I continued sucking gently on it for hours, only occasionally nibbling at small nibbles here and there. By day three there was nothing left except skin,alive the miracle of the andes ภาค ไทย.

At such high altitudes in the Andes, their bodies would succumb to altitude sickness before long. Faced with no other option, some survivors used shards of glass to cut thin slices from one corpse’s buttock and secretively consume its meat as quickly as they could before their own bodies could,miracle in the andes in carnegie library of pittsburgh.

Some resisted taking that last step as long as possible, hoping they would be saved. Finally they discovered a transistor radio and watched with interest as Chilean news bulletins announced official search efforts had ceased,miracle in the andes in carnegie library of pittsburgh.

“Hey boys!” one of them yelled out to his fellow survivors. “There’s good news: They’ve stopped searching.”

“What the hell is good news?” was their response,miracle in the andes in carnegie library of pittsburgh.

“Simply because this means we are going to leave on our own.”

On Day 18, disaster struck.

An avalanche swept over their fuselage, killing eight more and solidifying their resolve to head across the mountains in search of civilization and rescue. Though seemingly an impossible feat – none were mountaineers; miracles of saint teresa of the andes ,all were severely weak; no suitable clothing or equipment existed – their survivors nonetheless made plans for a journey across the mountains by fashioning a sled, sewing material for sleeping bags, and selecting individuals to join them on their march across them all,miracles of saint teresa of the andes.

Once prepared and efforts had failed, the group of two (originally three, to conserve resources) set off toward Chile in search of higher ground. Overcoming cold and altitude sickness, they managed to reach the 15,000-foot summit of the nearest peak before turning back; with nothing but mountains and valleys ahead of them – including Roberto Canessa saying to Parrado “Now let’s die together.”miracles of saint teresa of the andes.

Desperate and uncertain, they carefully

made their way down from the mountainside and began their trek along a glacier below, trying to force themselves forward while weakening day after day until, on December 18, they heard rushing water that marked the mouth of a river which they began following. Soon thereafter they encountered signs of civilization such as an abandoned soup can, horseshoe, cow dung piles, herds of cows, rusted soup can and, on December 20 evening, finally, a person on horseback!,st therese of the andes miracles .

The next day, they met three more tourists. Parrado tried to explain who he was by imitating an airplane crash, but it was hard to hear over the noise of the river. He was afraid that these men would think he was strange or get uncomfortable and leave,st therese of the andes miracles .

A man put a note on a rock and threw it across the river. It said, “Tell Me What You Want.” As Parrado started to write, his hands were shaking. “I Come From a Plane That Fell Into Mountains.”,st therese of the andes miracles.ด หน ง alive the miracle of the andes.

He said that both he and Canessa

were weak from not eating, and that the 14 friends who were still on board needed help right away.

“When are you going to get us?”ด หน ง alive the miracle of the andes. Where are we? We can’t even walk!” He paused before throwing the rock back because he knew he wasn’t strong enough. It bounced off the bank of the river and the man read it while raising his hands as if to say, “I understand.”ด หน ง alive the miracle of the andes.

In the late morning, another guy on horseback showed up on the other side of the river from them. Soon, they were in a hut eating hot food. Along with the mounted cops from Chile, a group of reporters showed up.ด หน ง alive the miracle of the andes.

Rescue helicopters arrived, and even though it was clear that the teams didn’t believe Parrado’s story about climbing and descending the mountain, they went with him to look for the plane.

The helicopters were being smashed and shook as they tried to climb the mountain. As soon as they reached the top, strong winds pushed them back, forcing them to fly around the mountain and approach from the south. This made Parrado lose his bearings, and he was afraid that he would not be able to find his friends. Then all of a sudden, he saw black spots on the ice. Two helicopters landed with their rotors still turning, took six survivors, and dropped off a rescue team to take care of the others overnight until their suffering was over the next morning.

Farrado took off all of his dirty clothes and got a nice shower at a hospital in San Fernando, Chile. He looked at himself in a mirror while being dried off with a towel. He was barely alive and not at all like the fit young man he had been when he got on the plane two and a half months before. But he said two words to himself over and over again with each breath.

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