February 28, 2024
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Punjab’s New Online Driving License System

The Punjab’s New Online Driving License System ,Punjab government recently unveiled its plans for a new driver licensing system that will take effect throughout the province starting January 1, 2024.

This new system aims to make the process of obtaining a driver’s license easier and more cost-effective, and licenses may now be obtained under a revised fee schedule.

Following are some key features of the new system

  1. Citizens will no longer need to stand in long lines for duplicate licenses and renewals, since these services will now be accessible online – saving them both time and effort.
  2. Citizens may apply for licenses with validity lasting up to 10 years; international licenses will be valid for three years.
  3. The 20-year-old Oracle system will be replaced with a cutting-edge NET platform.
  4. The Punjab government has also implemented an E-License facility, enabling citizens to download both domestic and international licenses online through its website.
  5. Submit the fee for an online learners permit through Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash.
  6. Motorists caught driving without an expired or no valid license will incur a Rs. 2,000 fine.
Punjab’s New Online Driving License System

Since 2016, Punjab’s New Online Driving License System, Punjab’s number of driver’s license issuing offices has exponentially increased from 46 to over 1300, making the process more accessible across the province.

This initiative represents a milestone towards making life easier for citizens who seek driving licenses, saving both time and effort for applicants while contributing to improving road safety across the province.

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