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Top Gun maverick

Top Gun maverick

I’m back reviewing an Oscar nominated film from 2022 – Top Gun Maverick will be our focus this time around, so be warned of some spoilers in my review if that sort of thing makes you queasy – i did watch this film yesterday so if that makes you uncomfortable just come on back here and remove your aviator glasses to read my thoughts on the review!

Tom Cruise makes an unforgettable comeback in Top Gun Maverick. This film picks up where its predecessor left off with Maverick being much older, wiser, but still an active Captain due to being somewhat reckless at times and having an identity crisis that requires being a pilot as his main occupation.

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Beginning as Maverick tests an aircraft to reach Mach 10, against orders, but hoping to save several jobs. When Maverick meets this mark despite him not knowing it will save their jobs for now. Instead of facing discipline for doing his job without authority he finds himself back at Top Gun flight school where the original movie took place and told there’s an impossible mission that needs teaching (no pun intended). Iceman (Val Kilmer), now an Admiral, knows Maverick can handle this responsibility so gives Maverick this job opportunity.

Maverick quickly grasps all of the challenges presented to her during this mission and knows exactly how best to complete it. With all kinds of stunning flying stunts necessary, this mission demands her undivided attention from start to finish.

Top Gun Maverick Oscar Mominations.

Miles Teller plays Miles Teller Rooster (Maverick’s now deceased wingman Goose’s son). However, Maverick does not approve of instructing Rooster due to delaying his entrance into Naval Academy.

This film boasts tons of action, incredible flight stunts, a solid plotline and as much Tom Cruise as anyone can stomach.

As far as cinematic experiences go, this was definitely enjoyable.

Much of it felt similar to its original version, but they added enough new elements here to keep it intriguing. One could easily rank this among the better films released during 2022 – though perhaps it’s not worthy enough of the Best Picture winner title.

Top Gun Maverick jacket.

I enjoyed this movie ,top gun maverick jacket.There were some issues, however; such as its near implausibility of needing these aircraft for this mission; also, drones taking over much manned flight are barely touched upon here; more could have been explored about that topic as well as Jennifer Connelly playing Penny, Maverick’s love interest; however most audiences come for the high flying stunts or low flying action scenes!

There was one moment during this film where they could have executed an exciting finale, but this would have involved Tom Cruise letting his character die, which I think he has too much pride for. Still, this movie should provide entertainment rather than leave you in tears.

It’s an enjoyable movie but doesn’t live up to my expectations of an excellent flick. While I would consider the original superior and more original, no doubt this film offers incredible action scenes and won’t regret my purchase; but not sure it deserves its place on Oscar nominee lists.

If you enjoyed the first Top Gun film, you should not miss this sequel. Fast action fans should certainly give this one a look; those seeking deep plot twists won’t find them here though; just expect an entertaining flick instead!

Final word

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