December 5, 2023
Gulberg III lahore, Pakistan
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Haunted Hills in Balochistan

The journey to areas with hills can be thrilling, however not all are suitable for exploration. There are two locations in haunted hills in balochistan which will cause you to feel goosebumps if are ever in them by yourself in the night.

Gondrani Cave City.

It is a destination to visit and is a well-known picnic location in Balochistan where you can observe lakes in the vicinity of the caves. However, some who have visited the area were able to see apparitions in the caves, and people believe that the caves pose danger,haunted hills in balochistan ,koh i chiltan peak balochistan story.

If you plan to visit these gondrani cave city ensure that you visit during daylight gondrani cave city and in an entire group in order to avoid any mishaps.

Koh-i-Chiltan Peak

The area is haunted by forty children who were cursed by spirits of evil – they have been slaying the area and luring tourists away, and cave city gondrani  even use bizarre sounds to frighten residents ,koh i chiltan weather.

There have been instances where travelers went off track and not discovered. cave city gondrani  To protect yourself be sure to take the aid of a tour guide so that you don’t run into children.

Saif-ul-Malook in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The northern areas of pakistan are stunning and are ideal for tourism. Visitors can enjoy their summer holidays in the cold conditions that is Naran or Kaghan.

Most often, people visit Jheel Saiful Malook to go taking a stroll around the lake or to take photos. However, northern areas of pakistan there are many reports of people who saw this Jheel for the first time as haunted, koh i chiltan weather.

In the darkness, a lot of people have witnessed shadowy figures walking through the streets and heard cries in the late at night. The best advice is to visit the area in the morning or at noon. Avoid visits at night as the roads to Jheel turn dangerous.

buji koh sapat bandar hingol national park

The Koh-I-Chiltan legend the ghosts of forty children who died!

Ghostly Koh-i-Chiltan Peak Balochistan Pakistan one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan located on the top of the mountains of Balochistan There is one of the most haunted spots chaman killa abdullah balochistan pakistan “Koh-i-Chiltan peak”.

There are numerous legends associated with the summit. The most well-known is the one about Forty Babies. There are rumors about it however, the locals are not inclined to visit there,buji koh sapat bandar hingol national park.

Koh i Chiltan Peak Balochistan Story.

The story is about an unmarried couple, who after many years of marriage, were did not have children ,haunted hills in balochistan ,koh i chiltan peak balochistan story.They decided to seek advice and guidance from a priest. The man explained to them that he couldn’t alter the decision of god. In the meantime, the son of the consecrated man also had been blessed by god determined to aid the couple. He accompanied the lady to throw forty gravels on her laps and asked God to bless her by blessing her with 40 children.

Afterward she had forty children. However, the couple was in need and unable to support all the children,koh i chiltan peak balochistan story.

Therefore, they chose to put their 39 kids on Chiltan summit to perish, and leave one child behind with them. After a few days, the parents was one child decided to take the bodies from the summit to rest the body. However, when she arrived at the peak she found her 39 children were still alive and enjoying themselves at the top. She decided to relay the news the story in front of her husband.

When she got home, she was not able to locate her husband. Then she took her fortieth child to the top of the mountain and left her with them throughout the evening. She was certain that nothing was would occur to them. When she returned at dawn, she discovered nothing.

It is thought to be the spirit of the 39 youngsters were waiting to see the forty-eighth one.

So Guy! Do you believe? is this simply a rumor, or is it real? Let us know in the comments below, and let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to receive more news.

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