December 5, 2023
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Most Haunted Places In Islamabad Pakistan

Are you fascinated with Most haunted places in Islamabad Pakistan, and ghostly phenomena?

Are you like me and love reading up on Pakistan’s haunted places?

Have you ever considered that Most haunted places in Islamabad Pakistan, Pakistan’s capital city known for its stunning beauty is also home to terrifying sites?

Islamabad is known for its scenic views and breathtaking landscapes and hill stations. Islamabad was named second most beautiful capital in the world in 2004 by Travel and Leisure magazine and offers peaceful living conditions, high health care facilities and educational institutions including some top universities – however some haunted places exist within this city as well.

Due to Islamabad’s long nights and its dense forests, trees, thickets, and thickets casting shadows all over town, residents tend to believe there are supernatural presences lurking within its hills, roads, and mysterious locations. If you live or visit Islamabad regularly and can give us your opinion after reading about these allegedly most haunted places,haunted places near me.

Yes, that is correct: the city is full of creepy places that will give you goosebumps!

Haunted Places In Islamabad

  1. New Islamabad Airport
  2. Shah Allah Ditta Caves
  3. Lotus Lake
  4. Buddhist Graveyard, Islamabad
  5. Lok Virsa
Haunted Places In Islamabad

New Islamabad Airport

Odd as it may sound, many believe the new Islamabad airport to be haunted. One theory suggests this might be due to being built over an area which was previously used as a graveyard (according to some sources).haunted places in minnesota 

Staff at the airport have reported multiple incidents. They’ve heard alarming noises and seen shadowy figures that look like children playing on the runway, along with seeing deformed figures which caused some staff members to faint! When visiting, be cautious not to venture alone into unfamiliar areas – stay near busy spaces.

Lotus Lake

Lake Shakarparian became notorious for all the wrong reasons. A number of murders occurred in this area and legend has it that their killer dumped bodies near this lake; could this have been black magic or some form of ritualistic sacrifice by an obscure religious sect? We will likely never know.

What we do know, though, is that many have reported encountering figures, whispers and screams at night in this beautiful but now abandoned lake from any horror film.

Buddhist Graveyard

Nothing frightens quite as much as an ancient cemetery with a long and rich history of paranormal activity, like the Buddhist Cemetery in Islamabad’s Sector F7. One grave that stands out is known for paranormal activities is Buddhist Cemetery’s grave in Sector F7 of Islamabad.

People visiting this cemetery claim to hear strange noises, especially the wails of women and footsteps belonging to an invisible creature (possibly a ghost or jinn). Even local guards avoid it and when mentioned seem reluctant or even scared,most haunted places.

Lok Virsa

Within moments, this charming location transforms into an unsettling horror flick. Residents have reported seeing shadows along the road and hearing shrieks and cries from nearby residents. If you appreciate history, Pakistan offers numerous historical sites to explore,haunted places in arkansas.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Are You an Islooite? No doubt about it; everyone in Isloo has heard of its famous caverns, which are believed to be over 700 years old! With old trees and even older caverns giving it that creepy atmosphere. People have reported hearing noises late at night that seem like multiple voices conversing; it can be quite unnerving indeed!

Residents have reported witnessing black shadows at night in the Shah Allah Ditta caves. Therefore, it’s wise to visit during the day with a group, since ghosts could potentially appear at any moment! Additionally, nearby hill parks are said to be haunted.

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