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The 8th night

Friends, I will explain a Korean movie released a year ago on Netflix called The 8th Night.

The movie is based on the Buddhist legend of diamond sutras it’s a mix of cult murder, mystery Buddhist philosophy,

and folklore, and this 8the night movie is written and directed by Kim Tae- Hyoung to be honest this movie is so nonlinear you don’t understand anything when you see it for first time, that’s why in this blog i will explain each and everything very well that you can understand easily and then you can watch on Netflix. This movie is also available in all languages with subtitles.

The Monster of hell 2500 years

ago tried to open a gate between Earth and hell then Budha came in front of him and separated both his eyes in which he had all his strength and black eye the red eye were these two eyes both these eyes started running away from the hands of the Buddha. and the Buddha taught the black eye and located in a black box and then the red eye started running it kept.

The Devil’s monster When the Buddha appeared in front of him and split both of his eyes,

which he had all of his strength in, the black eye and the crimson eye were these two eyes, and both of these eyeballs began to flee from the Buddha’s hands 2500 years ago.

And the Buddha taught the black eye was located in a black box and then the red eye started running it kept running with seven people for 7 nights but on the 8th night

the day that eye came to know that he escape too that’s why on the 8 the day he pretended to surrender to Buddha later on buddha locked it in the box one box in the east in Korea and the other in west India hidden away now the story begins in 2005 here

we see archaeologist Kim in the Rajasthan desert and they found the red eye box here there was a warning plate in that box written in Sanskrit and this movie is also based in Sanskrit.

 Kim claimed that this is the legend of the diamond sutra that the box has carbon dating and that’s not 2500 years old but the results show that it was made recently

professor kim is accused and the cheating and the media calls them cheaters and then professor kim gets very angry with this he plans to take revenge on the media and everyone.

And he was sure it was real and now the year 2019 is a full lunar Eclipse day and the moon was reddish that’s why it is also called bloom moon.

The 8th night

According to legends, the red

The eye can be awakened on the day of the full moon.

Kim the professor opens the box that contains the small stone he puts the blood of 6 people in it and cut his palm and put his blood in it but nothing happens

here he starts assuming his long-life theory is wrong but then the inside of the box starts stirring the stone suddenly turns

into an eye shape and appears in front of Professor Kim and later on poses it now defense of black in Korea for centuries monks did it also a dedicated monastery for

here we also see old monk Bhante Hajeong who gets the sound of waking up with red eye here Bhante means senior and respected monk it is said in Theravada tradition he had a box of black eyes he was only a guest for a few days as his health deteriorated.

Start with day 1 where we see a man named Oliver working on the construction site. Oliver was a former monk and a student of Bhante-Hajeong in the monastery. We also see a young trainee monk named William who has been monaural (fasting of silence) for two years. William calls William and tells the legend of the red eye and the black box.

and the red eye is up and we have to stop it if we kill any of the 7, so the red eye cant meet the black eye meaning the door of hell will not open.

Next, we see a hunter in the anther city’s forest one who hunts rabbits then we see someone’s hand on his shoulder.

Now it’s day 2 on the 8th night:

we see a man in the hotel here. We see a lady named Olivia in the room with her boyfriend.

That lady says last year she used to go to a meditation camp that would get him free health checkups and free money to attend it. This camp was run by none other than Professor Kim. Meanwhile, he had taken out this lady’s blood sample.

He put it over the red eye.

Now we see the hunter who got possessed by the red eye and we can guess that the hand was none other than Professor Kim.

He comes into her room smelling the lady’s blood and here’s what happened to Professor Kim we will know about this later.

Williams sees Bhante-Hajeong in the monastery,

and when he requests to give Oliver the black eye box the following morning, William discovers that Bhante John passed away and the box was next to him.

Now its 3rd the day on the 8th night:

police officers James and Jin come to the 4th season hotel the lady’s boyfriend was  murdered and all the lady’s stuff was right there the body of that hunter was also on

the same which was rotten in one night and it smelled so bad because his face got recorded in CCTV footage that’s why  the suspension of police goes on him but the lady Olivia was missing William now takes olivers address from the other monk and the with box goes looking for him

We see Oliver in front of a candle. He could hear the voices of many souls.

He is a seaman and his job is to carry souls to the afterlife but for some reason, he left this job and those souls were troubling him to send him to the afterlife.

Now its  4th day the day on the 8th night:

William comes to the city looking for Oliver but his bag is stolen at the railway station which contained the box and we see her beside a girl whose importance we will know later Officer James finds Olivia’s body in a restaurant and she too was rotten like a hunter officer James gets confused and finds it to be a serial killing.

few days a ago a similar difficult case had come to another police station as well then liens friend took the help of a famous seaman named Virgin if you do not know about Lien’s lien is a friend of James’ police officer and then there the case was easily solved and he asks to take the help of the same seaman over here too but James police officer scolded him.

no, we see a delivery boy that stops the scooter and a girl standing on him at midnight whom he recognizes he also went to the same meditation camp of professor kem where the lady had gone

The delivery man is shown at the home of a virgin seaman where a girl sees him with a sample of blood; she is the same girl who stole the package from William. the girl posed with red eyes, and she makes the delivery boy her new victim. In essence, it was all one stepping stone for red eyes.

Now it’s the 5th day the day on the 8th night:

Oliver pulls out an old bag containing an ax, a mythological letter, a bloody blouse, a picture, and the address of the virgin seaman. Oliver and William now travel to that address while Oliver provides William with fresh boots, food, and other items. The first time that William left the monastery.

that’s why he is very happy to see the city and out of joy, he breaks his silence and says thanks to Oliver and the side James police officer trams find the girl’s body near the tunnel.

Oliver can’t find a seaman at that address she was shifted to another in the same city where all these murders were taking place both of them also start going towards the same city.

A young lady is now visible in front of the virgin seaman’s home. He receives more blood from the girl. We can make out another woman in his background whose identity we will learn later.

William sees a schoolgirl when he comes from:

a virgin seaman’s house then it starts raining. William sits in and the girl gives him tea and she is possessed by red eyes. She sees a schoolgirl as she walks through the Virgin seams house.    

red eye tears up her face and sees William, William runs away in fear of her Lian tells Jin at the police station Oliver once used to be an exorcist at the monastery means a man who exudes evil spirits once he exercised a man by hitting him hard then the Korean Buddhist association made a case against him.

When William learns that Oliver is about to kill the virgin seaman, he immediately flees to save the seaman after giving Oliver the seaman’s address.

As James was traveling, Lian called to inform him that a man’s body had been discovered on the hill this morning and that Professor Kim’s body had also been discovered.

He was running the meditation camp since 2016 and all the people who were killed took part in this meditation camp Lian was in shock over here because a high school girl and a local seaman girl were also on that list.

The 8th night

And now comes 7the day:

Coming to the monastery are the girl and William.

When they get there, the weather changes and everything gets dark. When Liam visits the monastery and murders the monks, William forces the girl to reside at a modest house.

and now that girl who went with William means Shasha was a  ghost professor Kim had adopted him and got him educated.

And now finally comes the 8th night:

He claims that the eighth stepping stone will be the heir because you left the monastery and as a result, you are not the heir and your life is nothing more than a disappointment. His trap and chanting are ineffective.

Shasha now approaches William and removes his jacket and he was in a possessed state now just then Oliver shoots Liam and in anger, he sends 6 spirits inside him to attack him we see 6 black figures who were attacking Oliver from all sides and keeping William out of his possessions William starts running now and after going some distance he sees officer JamesHe is shocked to see Liam in the possessed state.

Liam picks it up and throws it away. Then, he goes straight to William.

Oliver shoots at him again and then proceeds to kill him with a chanted ax. As a result of all of this, the police officer also shoots Oliver. Finally, Red Eye Possessed William and Liam’s Body Roots also Possessed William and beat James’ stomach, killing him.

so he forcefully took the black eye inside that’s why William breaks free from possessions he later attacks her with a chanted axe because the red eye was there.

 now we see William in Rajasthan he buries the red eye again in the same spot where’s ghost was also tied to him whom he frees and maybe later he will send her to the afterlife and boom

This is what happened on the 8th night:

the title has a very deep meaning here 8th night means you only have 8 nights to stop the monster.


Hope you have learned a lot from this blog. Tell me which one is your favorite topic so tell us in the comments section.

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a lot to keep making more content and I will try to make each blog better than the previous one.

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